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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Get the Glass

Get the Glass AdachisGet the glass is a graphically intense (for a flash game) teaser for milk. Your job is to help the milk deprived Adachis 'get the glass' that's held at fort fridge . This whole game reminds me of the board game life.

Roll the dice and move forward. At each stop, you get a fortune, misfortune or mastermind card. The fortune cards move you forward, the misfortune cards move you back. Answer the trivia questions correctly and the mastermind cards move you forwards. But the cops are after you, and they always seem to be one step behind you. If they catch you, you'll be sent to milkatraz.

There are also some mini-games, but you should be able to beat them with a few tries.

Tips and Hints: The final lock combination is found on the top right. You've been collecting the numbers in each of the mini-games. Also, the final message is: can I please get the glass.

You should play this game just for the graphics. But don't do it unless you have a strong connection. Waiting time could be a killer.

I found this game via JIG.

Play Get the Glass at gettheglass.

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