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Friday, September 01, 2006

Submachine Zero: Ancient Adventure inclluding Walkthrough

A short but very good point and click game out of the JayisGames Casual Gameplay Competition. Find your way to the jewel of wisdom by finding the bits and pieces you need to advance. Similar to 'escape the room' adventures.

In case you are stuck, here's a walkthrough for you.

Start off in front of the doorway. Go to your right and pick up the tongue from the stand. Also, look carefully in the middle of the screen for a lighter. Then go left and left again. Pick the other tongue on the ground. Go right back to the doorway. Put the tongues on the mouths of the stone dragon statues astride the doorway. Then click on the center of the door to open it up. Once the doorway opens, head on in. Go down and use the lighter to light the lamp (you'll have to do this in just about every room from now on, but I'm not going to continue to tell you to do it).

Go down again, then left. Go down and move the switch on the left hand wall. This stops the spears from coming out in the room above. Go up and left (now that the spears have stopped, you can do so). Turn the stone in the center of the room on the pedestal. Note the symbol on the stone.

Go right, then down, then right again, then down again. Notice how the doorway on the right is open and the symbol is the same as what was on the stone? The other two doorways in this room are opened using that same stone.

Go right and pick up the jewel on the statue. Then go back to the stone on the pedestal and turn it once. Go back down to the doorway room and go down and pick up the second jewel. Repeat to get the third jewel on the left.

In the room on the left, you need to pick up a stone on the ground (bottom right).

Now that you have all three jewels, move right, up, left, up, right, and right again. Seems to be a similar 'spear' doorway. Place the stone you picked up in the jewel room at the bottom of the spears coming out to block them. Then go right.

Place the jewels in order from top to bottom in the corresponding holes (see image above). Go down and click on the jewel to win.

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