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Monday, September 25, 2006


Ellipsis is a defend yourself center game with blocks. Just shoot any blocks that fly around the screen, making sure none of them run into your circle that starts out in the center.

Strangely addicting, this game is a slight twist on an old type of 'defense' game. Your circle will be beset by various blocks ranging from the those that are just plain hard to see, those that are hard to hit (avoids your mouse), quick moving, shatter into 10 new targets, etc... There are even some blocks that will start pulling you out of the middle (closer you get to the sides, the harder it becomes to shoot down the blocks before they get to you.

Hint: If you want an easier game, turn off the 'debris' with the small button on the top right. Without the debris to distract you, you'll have an easier time picking your targets.

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Play ellipsis at armorgames.

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