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Friday, September 08, 2006

Prince of War

Prince of War is an almost complete clone of the Battle for Gondor. Take your hero through several stages, battling everything from orcs to dragons and golems. Your job, as before, is to make sure no peons get through to the other side. Also, you have to choose when and which support troops you want to call up. Keep in mind each trooper costs money.

Despite being almost a complete clone, the changes make this game worth playing even if you did play battle for gondor. Your hero can now battle all creatures on the screen. Also, he can be hurt and healed (costs money). There's a more coherent story line, with nice breaks in between each battle.

Call in each trooper using '1-9'. Attack using space bar and heal yourself using the shift key. Use the arrow keys to move around and don't become so involved in the main battle you let any peons sneak by.

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