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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rails of War

Rails of WarRails of War is very similar looking to Final Fortress, but with a twist. This time instead of defending a fixed fortification, you're defending a moving target. But despite the similar looks, the gameplay is quite different, and not for the better.

First, it takes way too long to figure out how to play this game. Not only do you have to make choices about which rail cars to attach to your train, it just isn't clear what difference it makes. Do you go with the passenger car, or the coal car. And how does that affect your engine. And sometimes, after making your choice, the car you had chosen in the previous step disappears, but it's never clear why.

Also, it shouldn't be so hard to hook in another car midway through the level. The designers should have had the helicopter come in and do it automatically. Instead, you're left sitting there on the tracks for a few minutes trying to line the *&#*# thing up on the track. It's a waste of time and just interrupts the gameplay.

Also, it's very hard to make it through even one level. Unlike Final Fortress where you have a gradual build up of forces arrayed against you, Rails of War starts out hard and gets worse.

But, you may still want to try it out for the differences. Tip: Hold the left mouse button and continuously fire your cannon. Also, make sure you get the biggest cannon you can. It makes a big difference. Also, make sure you make a full stop in the compounds so that you can refuel and repair.

Play Rails of War at miniclip.

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