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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cursed Winds

Cursed WindsCursed Winds from freeonlinegames is a fun sailing shooter. Take your pirate ship out and attack the other 'cursed' pirates in 15 levels of mayhem. Either take out the ship below them by blowing it to smithereens or board the vessel and take the crew on (make sure you can take them, or they may just take your ship!). Either way, make sure you plunder their ship before it floats away.

The best strategy is to upgrade your reloading capability first. This applies on every level until its fully upgraded. Then go for upgraded damage and boat speed (avoiding their cannon fire is a priority).

A great way to start a level is to move into the up-right corner. Unless something comes out from the right side (it does happen occasionally on the later levels), you should have a free shot until they turn around and make their way back across.

If you can get above the enemy ships, you also have a free shot, but the slide upwards very quickly, so you may get stuck in a boarding action when you're not ready for it.

If you can get past the second level, you should be alright, but I would still save between every level. Spend all your money in between levels to upgrade your ship.

Play Cursed Winds at freeonlinegames. At admiral level, I had a final score of 854805. Have you beaten that?


  1. This game is not bad. Only thing is the ship doesn't go backward. So, that means you have to forward if you want to turn around. Other than that the game is awesome and the music perfect.

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    What can you use your money on besides upgrades? Because I have fully upgraded all my possible upgrades and can't find any use for my money. any help?

  3. Have some problems in this game