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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Even More Bloons

Even More BloonsIn case you didn't get enough out of Bloons and More Bloons followed up by Bloons World and then by Bloons Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense 2, now Ninja Kiwi has released Even More Bloons for your entertainment.

Aim with your mouse, and hold down the left button to set the power. One nice addition is the last shot (power and angle) will be shown so that you can adjust accordingly. One annoying things is how the clouds float by, making it harder to judge where you left your last shot when you have to try again. The later levels can be very, very tough to complete.

I'm not going to post a walkthrough for this one in the comments, but you can certainly ask me if you get stuck anywhere. I'll be happy to help you out, as long as I've figured out how to do it.

I find Bloons to be very frustrating, but I keep going back for more. How about you?

With more bloon types and more levels to work your way through, if you enjoyed Bloons, you will enjoy Even More Bloons at ninjakiwi.

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