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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Penguin Blocks

Penguin Blocks is a single-player puzzle game with chat. Place ice blocks so Bob can reach the seafood before the evil penguins steal it! Do well and you can pick up cash (points) along the way. As with all the games at club pogo, you can use your points as chances to win prizes. Most likely a screen saver or two, but if you're going to play games, you might as well have something to shoot for. Also, the community aspect is nice.

Play penguin blocks at Club Pogo.

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  1. don't SAY YOU CAN PLAY THIS GAme on this site if you can't

  2. I'm a little bit confused?? What is your issue with the game?

  3. Anonymous1:52 PM

    It is a game at Club Pogo only if you are a paying member.

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Does anyone know where you can play this game for free?

  5. Anonymous12:18 AM

    yeah i want 2 play it 4 f.r.e.e.

  6. Anonymous10:59 AM

    rofl , i know its like a cool game and we cant even play it FREE

  7. Anonymous4:13 PM

    This is bull**** its a fun game but you cant play it for FREE!!!!!!!! >:[

  8. Anonymous7:54 PM

    I hate that you can't play it for free

  9. what is a nother site that you can go on to play penguin blocks besides pogo??

  10. This is bull I have looked all over this stupid web and I can't find peguin blocks any where except for Pogo. That's bull crap.