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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stellar Sweeper

A reader Dariana mentioned the game stellar sweeper, so I thought I should talk about it.

Help an interstellar friend mine precious energy crystals from a tricky puzzle grid! Be careful -- stumble upon an energy crystal and they'll explode! Each number on the grid gives you a clue as to which tiles are safe or dangerous. Step on a crystal and you'll lose a piece of your blast shield protection. Correctly locate a crystal and power up your energy!

- A blast shield gives you protection from crystal mishaps. But don't stumble on too many crystals or you'll end your game!
- Use the numbers on the grid as hints to help you mine unstable energy crystals under adjacent tiles.
- Fill the power meter to activate your crystal scanner and reveal a section of hidden crystals!
- As you advance in rank you'll unlock strange new puzzle shapes to explore!

Play Stellar Sweeper at Club Pogo.

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