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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron and Flame

Fullmetal Alchemsit: Iron and Flame from Adult Swim lets you take control of Ed and Al from Fullmetal Alchemist, a cartoon on Adult Swim. Fans of the show will enjoy playing their favorite characters and the cut scenes, while others (like me) who have never heard of the show before can just enjoy the game.

Take Ed and Al through 7 levels and fighting multiple enemies (street fighter type). Use your special powers (transmutations), otherwise you will be overwhelmed very quickly. One hint: go back to the earlier levels if you die. You can build up experience and thus level up (but only to level 20). You can also build up your energy levels in order to cast the special attacks.

Whenever you level up, you gain access to more special attacks, so check them out (hit the m key), select your favorites and get back to the fight. It's also a good way to pause the game.

Use the big guy for when you want to just slug it out, but the little guy has the better special attacks. Switch back and forth (x) between them to get the most out of both.

Also, take some time to experiment with the different alchemy for each attack. You can up the amount of damage you can do with each attack. For Ed's stalactite (throws spikes or something) attack, I found the best combination was fire, earth, sulfur and zinc, but not copper.

I saw this game reviewed at jayisgames and had to try it out. I'm glad I did.

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Go play Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron and Flame at adult swim.

If you figure out the best combos for each transmutation, let me know and leave a comment!


  1. I've founded a few combos from both brothers.
    Wall: earth
    Hammer: iron, earth
    Fissure: iron, sulfur
    Explosion: copper, zinc, water

    Sword: iron
    Cannon: sulfur
    Wall: iron, earth
    Statue: earth, copper
    Hands: sulfur, copper
    Explosion: earth, water

  2. Thanks Brian, those combos could come in handy.

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Hmm.. wonder the combos for Eds Spikes and ... uhh.. Fist thing

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    spikes are iron,copper,zinc. still working on the hand

  5. Anonymous6:20 PM

    hand is iron,earth,zinc,water

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    WATH the BEEEEP! how do you know these are best

  7. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Cos They Do The Most Damage! =D


  8. Anonymous11:16 AM

    You know they're best if they have a lightning animation strike while doing the alchemy.

  9. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Hi, I'm italian and I have a question:
    why I don't find the Game on Adult Swim?! Please answer me!!! I want to play with this gameeee!!!