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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Operation Heavy Casualty

Operation Heavy Casualty puts you in charge of defending your ship against a relentless attack by other naval ships. Shoot down and blow up as many of the enemy ships and planes as you can. And make sure you do so before they sink your ship!

Each level in operation heavy casualty is harder and harder, so don't worry if you think its too easy at first. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Switch between your main cannon and the flak gun by hitting any key on the keyboard. ("Where's the any key?" -- Homer Simpson... I just couldn't resist).

Hints and tips: Don't overload your flak gun. I took more damage from the planes than I did the other ships until later on when the gun boats come roaring in at top speed. I'd switch to the cannon to blow the gun boat, but then the planes would shoot me up. Hold down the left mouse button to keep firing.

Also, don't shoot the guys who have parachuted out of the planes. -100 points every time you do it.

Who designed this defense system, anyways? Who puts one person in charge of a flak gun and a cannon at the same time?

My score first time through: 86900. 96 planes, 21 destroyers, 2 gun boats, 0 others.

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