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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Warbears Mission 2 Walkthrough

Warbears Mission 2 is the second part of the Warbears series. With hints about a Mission 3 (the page is already set up), it looks like they are going to continue this successful game series.

Warbears Mission 2 is a point and click puzzle game. You have four warbears, Ryoh, Steve, Kla and Lucas who you need to get inside the house to acquire the secret object. This is a training mission for the bears, but you still have to get it right. Your boss will let you know if you mess up sufficiently to fail.

I'll put a walkthrough in the comments below in case you get stuck.

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  1. First, click on Steve to shoot the glass dome. He'll realize it's a training mission and refuse to participate in a subsequent talk with Lucas. BTW, from this point on, Steve's mobile phone may ring at random times. Don't turn it off.

    Move Kla right and open up the box on the left side of the building. He needs a fuse. Move him left and pick up the rock. (you can move him right and throw the rock or you can save it for later. I would save it).

    Ryoh can cut right to cut the clothesline. He'll gather it up for later use. The clothing will fall on the tree below.

    Get Ryoh to cut left twice in quick succession at medium strength. You need to do this quickly! It will wake up the screaming squirrel and then get him to jump out and onto the house.

    You can then cut the tree down at full strength. This will blind the defender in the left window.

    Move Kla to the right until he's at the front door. He'll realize there are more defenders on the first floor.

    Move Lucas over twice. If Kla didn't throw the rock earlier, he'll dodge the shot fired at him.

    Use Kla to attempt opening the door twice. This will set off an alarm, awakening the screaming squirrel, who so annoys Steve, he'll fire several times at the squirrel who will run away. Steve's random shots will also open up the right side roof.

    Move Lucas back over to Steve and talk to him. Head back to the left and headbutt the building. Steve will be trapped under the glass. Get Lucas to talk to Steve again and let him know you'll get him out.

    Move Lucas up the drainpipe. He'll fall into the house, knocking over the defender in right side window.

    Get Lucas to solve the puzzle (switch 2,3,4 and then 1. Click the red button). The lights will try to come on, but will fail.

    Ryoh can climb up the tree. He'll look inside and see the safe and assume the object is in it.

    Have Lucas try the door on the left. Get Lucas to talk to Ryoh and then set the bomb. Move Lucas all the way to the left and grab the key.

    Go right and open the door. Head downstairs. When he reaches the bottom, avoid the falling ball by dodging (you have to be quick at this). If you fail to dodge, don't worry, you won't have to restart.

    Steve gets a phone call, but don't turn off his phone.

    Move Lucas left and get the fuse out of the first box (it's closed when you approach).

    Move Kla (remember him, he's still outside at the doorway) off the porch and open the windows to the basement. Also, move the pipe that's blocking the window to the right. Keep him standing near the right window.

    Have Lucas pass the fuse up to Kla. Kla can now activate the panel on the left side of the house. Solve the memory game (don't click on the black square). Open the front door and the basement door. Move Kla over to the right and open up the front door. Don't bother trying to go in, since Kla knows there are defenders there.

    Move Lucas to the left, then get Kla to remove the fuse and pass it down to Lucas using the window on the left.

    Get Lucas to open the panel on the left by inserting the fuse and moving left. Click on the button to open the panel and flip the switch. Move back to the right, grab the fuse and pass it back to Kla.

    Get Kla to use the fuse and open up the basement door again. Move Lucas to the right and then get Kla to pass the fuse back down to him. Insert the fuse back into the box it started in, which will light up the attic.

    Move Lucas to the right, then switch to Ryoh. Get Ryoh to move right, jump down and lower the rope. Have Lucas climb up the rope and move back up. Get him out of the house to free Steve.

    Move Steve into the house. He will dodge the shots fired by the defenders. Shoot them down. If you want the special ending, don't shoot the middle of the third target. Instead, shoot the little button near the bottom of the target. Then shoot the last defender.

    If you shot the vase, pick up the item that comes out of the vase for ending 2 or 4. Otherwise you can end with 1 or 3.

    Get Kla inside to see a short cut scene where sad guy kills the tree.

    Get Kla to turn on the computer. Steve then needs to go outside and shoot the blue light (the middle one).

    Get Kla to open the files. If you still have the rock, hit the MP3 button, otherwise, don't! If you still have the rock, hit the MP3 button and then immediately throw the rock at the defender who comes back up.

    Whether you go through the MP3 step or not, start the Escape Procedure.

    Then Kla will talk to Ryoh.

    If you don't have the orb, you have two choices:
    Do nothing else to see ending 1. Otherwise, immediately make Ryoh swing his sword to get ending 3.

    If you have the orb:
    Get Ryoh to use his sword get ending 2.
    Or do nothing to see ending 4.

    If Ryoh stops the shuttle (by swinging his sword, he'll stop it with his rope). Walk Ryoh up to the ship, and solve the puzzle (make the left half red and the right side green).

    To get the most points (Grade A), do things quickly and make sure you do the little things like dodging the ball and keeping the rock to hit the defender when you hit the MP3 button and striking the center of the targets and so on... If you want to get a higher percentage done, go back and do all the things that get you mission failure and the other endings.

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  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I got stuck on the part that you have to give the fuse back to Lucas so he can stick it in the box it was in at forst.

  4. Anonymous9:00 AM

    me too

  5. Chinguun11:01 AM

    yeah he keeps saying humm

  6. Anonymous12:49 PM

    you need to use the fuse to unlock the entrance door and open it (Kla), only then you can return it to Lucas and he can climb up

  7. Anonymous10:50 PM

    hi mike thank you very very much for helping me with mission 2. once again thank you

  8. You're welcome. I'm happy to help.

  9. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Real helpful Mike. Thanks a bunch for helping out those of us too slow to make it very far. Unfortunately, I need more detail for the last ending. When Ryo needs to make one half of the control panel red, and the right half green.

    A screenshot mabye, as well as for future puzzles, would be helpful.
    Also, which buttons to press, and in which order.

    -Anon Ymous

  10. Anonymous2:14 PM

    thanks a bunch mike! i think i stand for all the slow people that are to lazy to figure it out on our own when i say that.