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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wogger Mini Walkthrough

Wogger is back in mini installments. Help the two star crossed friends find their way through their weird and wacky worlds. These mini installments are very similar to the original wogger adventure. From outer space to graphically intense forests and waterways, your job is to point and click their way through the maze they call home.

Wogger is visually wonderful, but the sounds can be downright distracting to annoying. Especially in the first few levels, I got awfully sick of listening to the bell ring.

I like how each level is broken off from the other, though. If you are sick of trying to find that little spot to click on, you can skip ahead and come back later.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section in case you get stuck on any of the mini-levels (1-13).

Play Wogger Mini at woggerworld.

Other similar games include Haluz, Samarost, and Samarost 2.

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  1. To move from level to level, a link will appear on the bottom right of the game to indicate the level you are on is over. Click on it.

    Wogger Mini Level 1:
    After the branch stops moving, click on the snail. When red walks over to the right, click on the branch just in front of him. Click on the snail again. Click on the branch below red (after he moves) to start the bell ringing. Click on the branch to the right of the branch the bell hangs off of.

    Wogger Mini Level 2:
    When the present and the large nut fly over the ship, click on them. Then click on the motor/lever at the back of the ship. Click on the nut again to bring out the candle.

    Wogger Mini Level 3:
    On the green asteroid, there is a branch. Click near the back of the branch and bring it up to where the large bug is (on the upper asteroid). When the bug moves away, click on the lever that is revealed. Click on the red star on the left and bring it to the right side of the lower asteroid. Click on the red star on the right and bring it to the right side of the lower asteroid (just about on top of the first star).

    Wogger Mini Level 4:
    Click on the bell. Red stands up and the asteroid with the big apples lands. Click on the apple. Click on the red star. Pick the apple up and bring it over to where the red star landed. Repeat for the second apple. Click on the snail that hops off the asteroid onto the branch. Let the snow pile up to end the level.

    Wogger Mini Level 5:
    Click on the bell after your yellow friend sails by in the background. Click on the ship to the left of the yellow girl to get red to hop on over. Click the present.

    Wogger Mini Level 6:
    Click on the bright star near the middle just to the left of center. Click on the smaller part of the branch that appears to the right of red. After it falls, click on the branch where it curls up.

    Wogger Mini Level 7:
    See how red is gazing into the waterfall. Click under the waterfall to get yellow to come on out. Click to the left of yellow to get red to hop on over. Click under the waterfall again. (Nice rainbow, isn't it?)

    Wogger Mini Level 8:
    Remember the branch that you used to climb up off the rock back in level 6? Click on it and move it all the way to the left. Click in the middle of the branch to get red to hop up. Click near the bottom right to get yellow to hop on. Move red left by clicking higher up on the branch. Click just under where yellow is standing (just hold the button down) to get the branch to lock into place. There's a lever just over yellow's head (hard to see, but she looks right at it). Click near the middle of the branch . Click on the left side of the boat.

    Wogger Mini Level 9:
    Click on the spider in front of yellow, then click in the center of the web blocking your path. Click on the left side of the boat. There is a lever directly in front of yellow, but don't click on it. Instead look over yellows head for another lever. Click on that instead. Click on the left side of the boat again.

    Wogger Mini Level 10:
    Click on the lever above yellow's head. Click on the boat just under Yellow. Click on the left side of the boat to float all the way through the whole. This part requires timing: Click on the lever to the right of yellow. Click on the lever that gets exposed before the boat hits it. If you don't hit it in time, you have a chance to restart. If you hit it in time, the lever breaks off and you move on to the next level.

    Wogger Mini Level 11:
    Click on the right of the boat to get red to move to the front. Under the boat (these are hard to see) there are three boards. Click near the left end of the one on top and move it to the ground just to the right of reds feet. Move the second board over (it's at an angle) to brace the first board. Click on the end of the first board to get red to move out onto it. Click just to the left of red to get yellow out on the board. Use the third board to complete the bridge. Click to the right side of the bridge to get them moving.

    Wogger Mini Level 12:
    Remember the bridge you just built? Grab the board you can see and move it into the gap in front of you. Once in place, click on the left side of the board. Yellow will stand there, providing a counterweight, so that when you click on the right side of the board, red can move out safely. Red will jump to the right side. Click on the button just over his head. After the gap closes, click on the left side of the board and move it into the gap on the far right side (at about the same level it was on before).

    Wogger Mini Level 13:
    Click on the bottom of the middle bag. It will start compressing and uncompressing. Click the top to get red to jump to it. Repeat for the bag on the right. After Red jumps over, click near the top of the middle bag to get yellow to jump over. Similar to the last level, move the board over to the right building a bridge for red. Click on the far right of the board to get red to move over. Then get yellow to follow by clicking on top of the right most bag.
    THE END (for now)