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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Last Stand

The Last StandThe Last Stand is a zombie killing game. Last the night and you can go in search of new weapons and allies during the day. Spend your time wisely, or you may be overrun when the zombies come back.

You can move around inside your barricade, aim (head shots work well) and shoot your weapon. Once they get close enough, you should use the chainsaw.

Spend more time looking for survivors at first (8-4 survivors to weapons). Then switch the amount. Otherwise you won't get past day 2. Try not to aim for the chest when taking down zombies. That does the least damage. The closer they get, the better your aim, but it's not worth the wait. Even if you don't get a weapon when searching, the time still counts.

I played this game a while ago, but was amazed to see I never did a review of it. So here you go. Play the Last Stand at kongregate.

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