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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tower Tactics

Tower TacticsTower tactics is a rpg from armorgames and it is a great effort. Lead your men into battle, using your skills to tip the balance in your favor. In between battles, learn new skills and equip them. Hire new soldiers to replace those you lose. The more battles you win, the higher your reputation gets and the more soldiers you can hire.

All in all, it's a fun game. Visually intense, with great music. But there are some flaws. Using your skills in battle is hard. First you have to pick out your soldier from out of the crowd, then get him to use his skill. Then you have to move on to the next soldier, get him to move or fight or use a skill, then the next one and so forth.

You can mass move your men or attack a single enemy soldier en masse, but that doesn't help you use your skills. You can mass select the group, then pick out the guy you are interested in, then select the skill you want to use. It just isn't easy. Since you spend so much time learning new skills in between battles, you're going to want to employ those skills.

Also, the game is a little too linear for my taste. I like the ability to go back and re-fight battles or enter random fights in order to build up stats. You can't do that here. There are sub quests where you go back and fight in the same place. And if you lose a fight, you can go back and fight again while still gaining in skills and experience. Although if you lose your men too many times they won't be able to regenerate, forcing you to hire a new soldier. Once you finish the campaign, you can go and 'practice' to gain in xp, but that's a bit late for helping you during the campaign.

One last gripe. There's not a lot of variety between the skills you learn based on the type of soldier. You would think, for instance, the bowmen would have skills based on throwing projectiles, while the knights on horseback might have up close and personal skills. The mage should have its owns skills to master. Instead, everyone has almost the same skill list, just with different proficiencies.

But really, this is a fun game to play once you get into it. Automatically saving your progress works great (it's going to take you a while to beat the campaign). The graphics, as I mentioned before are great. The dialog is horrible (makes your hero look like an idiot). But still a great game for flash.

Play Tower Tactics at armorgames.


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