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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tenacious D - Guitar Hero

Tenacious D, Devil May Cry Guitar Hero tribute is just plain hard. Hitting the right notes at the right time can leave you swearing in frustration. Make it right and you'll rock the house.

Hit the notes (sparks) as they pass by using the asdf keys along with the space bar. In other words, set the note with the right key, then press the space bar to strum the guitar at the right time. When the spark meter fills up, strum all four chords at once to enter righteous mode (earn double points).

Oh, and if you want to fill up the meter faster, smack the uvula around with the mouse (that's if you have a third hand).

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Play Tenacious D, Guitar Hero at tenaciousd.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grow V1

Grow V1 is said to be done, but has not been released, yet. In the meantime, he's created a nice christmas card for all to share.

I'll keep you posted as soon as he releases the new grow game.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mario Bros Unlimited

The lates clone of Mario Bros is out. What makes this one different is the unlimited possibilities for gameplay. Each level is created randomly, allowing you to play forever... That is if you don't mind losing your job, your spouse and your kids.

Controls are basic (although they feel backwards). Use the arrow keys to manuever Mario, while s and a control your jumping and 'fire/speed up'.

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Play Mario Bros at mojang.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos Walkthrough

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos is a 3d adventure point and click adventure/puzzle game. Make your way among the four islands in an effort to fix the climate chaos (unruly weather) by solving the mystery of the islands.

This is a fun puzzle solving game set in a nice, but limited 3D world. Traveling between the islands can take a while, but the music and graphics are pretty good for a flash game.

There's a tutorial at the beginning to give you the basics on how to interact with the other characters. Conversations are difficult to understand, since they are in pictures, but the basic message will get through.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section below. If you want more of a hints type of walkthrough, you can look here. Not all of the steps are laid out, but you'll get there eventually.

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Play Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos at armorgames.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Rings is a new type of solitaire game based on the old childhood game of, you guessed it, rings. Place the rings in order from largest to smallest while avoiding any small to large combinations and you can go far. Mess up once, however, and it's game over.

The rings come out from the center. Make sure the new rings lands on an empty spot, or a spot with a larger ring underneath. Then, build up your ring towers from largest to smallest (green, red, blue, yellow) for the largest number of points. Any towers with yellow at the top will be eliminated. So blue, yellow will count, even if there is a green ring underneath it (the green ring will not go away).

Keep up your speed and you should be fine.

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Play Rings at kaiparasoft.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Amplitude takes you (the ball) through 10 worlds, 100 levels and 2 bosses to the end. And if you think it's easy, think again. While some of the levels leave you wondering why they even bothered, those are the ones that get you addicted. You start thinking "this is easy" so when it becomes more difficult, you keep on trying to make it through.

Controls are simple, and the gameplay is just as basic. Avoid hitting any of the walls, while you run over various objects that can help you (or hinder you) on your way through.

Break through walls, blast away others, blow walls up or blow yourself up to do the same thing, teleportation, perspective changes, etc... All these add up to make this a challenging, difficult game.

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Play Amplitude at vivalagames.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dr 3I V3

Dr3I V3 is the best mouse avoidance game I've played. Flash based, you need to avoid the walls and other objects in order to get to your goals.

But this avoidance game is tricky. First, the field is moving, making it a side-scrolling game. Second, you need to collect all the + and - dots on the screen. These dots affect the gameplay, however. The pluses will speed up the moving objects, while the negatives, slow them down. And then there's the beast.

The beast is a gaseous cloud that chases you down. So, you're never able to sit still and wait. You will be kept moving (probably in circles) and more importantly, you won't be able to just move into some small crawl spaces, since the beast will trap you inside. Oh, and did I mention every time you hit a plus sign, the beast will get faster and bigger? Negative signs have the opposite affect.

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Play Dr3I V3 at mach-parat.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Scribble is the latest game from Nitrome and like Sandman, reminds me of Lemmings. This time, however, you need to draw in bridges, use the drawing as a wick to blow things, trap your enemies, etc... (You'll understand that sentence after you've played. If you liked Lemmings or sandman, you'll like this game.

But having said that, if you played sandman, some of these levels will seem awfully familiar to you. It doesn't make it any less fun, but ... The graphics are fun, the blots are funny and the music is lighthearted (although after 20 levels, you may want to shut it off).

Hints: Sometimes, despite the multiple flags, you only need to get all the blots to one flag. So don't worry about it.

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Play Scribble at nitrome (or miniclip).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Fans of the classic snake game will enjoy this updated version. More realistic with more of a slithery feel, this version of snake may put shivers down your spine as you race around eating the mice, growing bigger and bigger. Just avoid your own tail and you'll be fine.

One minor thing I would ask for is sound. If you're going to put in all this time updating a classic like this, why not put in some sound, either background music or sound effects would have been nice.

One tip: the live mouse can be hard to spot. Keep your eyes open and look carefully for your next meal.

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Play Snake at markfennel.

Monday, November 13, 2006

3D missile in a tunnel game

Pilot your missile down a tunnel through the various obstacles. Speed and obstacles vary, and you only have a limited number of chances to work your way through. So, be careful out there.

Fly your missile by moving the mouse around. The qualifier was so easy, I was caught unprepared when I tried to ease my way through the first level. Your learning curve has to be high to make it through.

Overall, it's similar to other make your way through the tunnel games, but that doesn't make it any less fun. The music is right, the graphics are simple, and the movement is smooth. I had fun playing it.

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Play tunnel (3D missile game) at ???.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aggressive Attack

Aggressive attack is a vampire killling game. Chase down those pesky nuts in capes and kill them, before they kill you.

You have a group of hunters at your disposal (you get more hunters each level). This allows to separate them into subgroups, bringing in some opportunity for small group tactics (but not much).

Use the left mouse button to point out where you want your hunters to go. Use the mouse to aim and the space bar to fire. Vampires tend to stay hidden until you get close, so move cautiously.

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Play Aggressive Attack at armorgames.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hyper Sphere

Move your hyper sphere through the maze to collect the crystals in order to eliminate the virus that has taken over the space station. Unfortunately, the virus has control of the defenses and is actively trying to stop you.

While a simple flash game, this should keep you occupied for some minutes. Avoiding the different 'obstacles', guns, etc... gets harder as you move along.

Control your sphere using the arrow keys. Try to stay on the pathways, as each time you are knocked off, you have to restart from the last checkpoint.

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Play Hyper Sphere at 2dplay.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Snowball at Armor Games

Snowball is a competition game. Build the biggest snowball you can by rolling it down the hill. The bigger it becomes the better your record. But, as it gets bigger, it becomes a lot harder to control.

As you first start out, it will be real easy to avoid everything (and you have to). But as your snowball gets bigger, it gets harder to move from side to side. Luckily, once your snowball is bigger than an object, it can just absorb it, with some exceptions. Houses and trees will not be absorbed. Instead, they'll break your snowball ending the game.

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Play Snowball at Armor Games.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Catapult your avatar as far as you can go. Set the launch angle and stopper, then guide your little guy safely down using a parachute. Or, if you feel like it, you can set your guy to plow for 200 yards through the ground.

Set your launch angle by holding down the space bar (twice). The first sets your launch speed, the second sets your launch angle. Then guide your guy as he flies through the air using the left and right arrows. To get some real distance, 'bounce' off the purple clouds using the up arrow.

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Play Catapult at vivalagames.