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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Endless War 3

Endless War 3Endless War 3 puts you in the middle of various mini-battles. The objective is simple: survive.

Each battle scene will present new weapons and new combatants, from a battlefield, whether you're fighting in WWII, Iraq, or in the future against aliens, in order to win, you'll need to reach some spot on the other side of the battle field.

Be careful when you go up against the aliens. Some of their shots will bounce. If you spend the time and make it all the way to level 4, you'll get a chance to play with those cool alien toys.

I'm not sure there are many tips I can give you, but here you go:
When the battle starts, let your teammates take the fire at first. Once the major shooting dies down, carefully proceed to engage each enemy fighter one-by-one. Don't get caught out by several opponents at once. If you can, get them to come to you, where your allies can take shots at them. Once they're distracted, step out and take them down.

Play Endless War at

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wogger Mini Walkthrough

Wogger is back in mini installments. Help the two star crossed friends find their way through their weird and wacky worlds. These mini installments are very similar to the original wogger adventure. From outer space to graphically intense forests and waterways, your job is to point and click their way through the maze they call home.

Wogger is visually wonderful, but the sounds can be downright distracting to annoying. Especially in the first few levels, I got awfully sick of listening to the bell ring.

I like how each level is broken off from the other, though. If you are sick of trying to find that little spot to click on, you can skip ahead and come back later.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section in case you get stuck on any of the mini-levels (1-13).

Play Wogger Mini at woggerworld.

Other similar games include Haluz, Samarost, and Samarost 2.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Flash Element Tower Defense (TD)

Flash Element Tower Defense is very similar to Tower Defense, but with some upgrades. These upgrades make this game a little bit easier, but at the same time, make the game more enjoyable.

Probably the biggest difference is your objective has shifted. Not completely, since you still need to keep the attackers from making their way through the maze. But the emphasis here is not just to survive, but also on 'just surviving'. Since you earn interest on any money you don't spend, you have to try to spend just enough to get you to the next level.

Also, if the attackers make it through, not only do they take some life (you have 20 chances), they also take away some of your money. And then they will come back through again.

Some other tweaks: hit the spacebar and you can see each creeps hp. Also, there are new towers, as well as upgrades every 7 levels. I suggest getting the money upgrade first, then the other three. Water slows down the creeps, while fire does some big damage with splash. Earth does a lot more damage, but you can't hit air creeps.

The best thing to do is to build up your money supply by building arrow turrets at the beginning. Then, when you have enough money, you can put combo towers in the center. They have the longest range and damage, but are very expensive at 200 gp. And you're going to need that extra damage potential in the last levels.

Play Flash Element TD at novelconcepts.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Sploder is a flash game with a straightforward objective. Either destroy all the enemies on the playing field, or capture all of the crystals. But playing this game is only half the fun.

I tried to make a simple level that demonstrates the various options, including obstacles, reloads, various enemies, wingmen, turrets and repel/attraction points. If you don't like the level you see embedded here, go make your own. Set up your main fighter, give him some wingmen, then place all the bad guys you want to help destroy him.

Sploder is in Beta, with hopefully more to come. There are already some good suggestions, such as ammo counts, teleporters and doorways, so hopefully there will be more to come. Also, I found the following description of the various obstacles you will find:

  • Wingman: Pretty tough, good all round defense and offense.
  • Obstacles: Indestructable, they are obstacles. Useful for cover and general display.
  • Items: Pickups. Careful you don't blow them up. Wingmen can use pickups.
  • Cruiser: Fires missiles, tough enemy. Beat with any weapon.
  • Guard: A guard. Normal craft.
  • Speeder: Speedy nasties that fire bullets. Weak.
  • Crystals: Adding these makes your game collect the crystals. Indestructible. Hopefully, I mean- I have not been able to blow one up yet.
  • Missile turret: The turrets sometimes bug and don't shoot. However, when they do, this inflicts high damage at a high ROF. Take care of with ray gun from behind, or cannon.
  • Turret: Fires bullets. Try blowing up with missiles.
  • Cannon turret: If you just get up close at moderate speed, it can't hurt you. Fires at one range only. Kill with laser.
  • Magnets attract, repellers repel. Take care of fast.

Issues I had: The more complicated games slow down drastically. Also, some of the turrets are pretty buggy as well as the other fighters. It's almost like they would rather run into the wall rather than come after you.

The game creator (I assume it was him) left a comment asking me to review the game, and I'm glad I did.

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Play Sploder at sploder.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Warbears Mission 2 Walkthrough

Warbears Mission 2 is the second part of the Warbears series. With hints about a Mission 3 (the page is already set up), it looks like they are going to continue this successful game series.

Warbears Mission 2 is a point and click puzzle game. You have four warbears, Ryoh, Steve, Kla and Lucas who you need to get inside the house to acquire the secret object. This is a training mission for the bears, but you still have to get it right. Your boss will let you know if you mess up sufficiently to fail.

I'll put a walkthrough in the comments below in case you get stuck.

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Play Warbears Mission 2 at warbears.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Boxhead is a zombie shooter. With five levels of gameplay you can try different scenes, but it all comes down to one thing. Shoot them down or get overrun.

With multiple upgrades of your weaponry, you would think you could last longer than you do. I prefer the shotgun (upgraded) and the grenades to blast multiple zombies at a time. The problem is you can blow yourself up with the grenades. Rather annoying to die after getting up to level 82 by killing yourself.

Controls are basic. Fire with the space bar. Switch weapons with 1-8 and move with the arrows. A bug in the game causes you to start out at the same level you died at, but without the upgraded weaponry.

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Play Boxhead at crazymonkeygames.