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Friday, December 21, 2007

Vector TDX

Vector TDXVector TDX is the very worthy follow-up to Vector TD. Like the first version, this one is excellent. But the developer has made this one a lot more difficult. If you can get to level 33, you're doing great. If you get to level 37, consider yourself an expert. Anything beyond that and you're probably cheating. ;-)

For those who haven't played Vector TD, Vector TDX is a tower defense game. Place your towers somewhere in the maze and let them shoot down the vectoids (creeps is what they are called in tower defense lingo) as they come through. Upgrade or place new towers to eliminate them all. If 20 creeps reach the end of the maze, it's game over.

The trick to getting very far is to learn to spend as little as possible on each level to get through it. With interest payments at the start of each round, that 3% can add up.

Hints, tips and tricks

  • Every 10 levels you get a bonus, I recommend increasing the interest payments.
  • One level 1 green tower (properly upgraded and placed) can get you pretty far, but won't cut it later on.
  • Remember to start the creeps out (release vectoids button), then place or upgrade your tower. That way you get the interest payment first.
  • The first blue tower is very useful in slowing the vectoids down long enough for the other towers to blow them away.
  • The orange regener creeps are easy enough to start with, but will destroy you later on.

Play Vector TDX at candystand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ballistic Wars

Ballistic WarsBallistic Wars is pool balls meets war game. Play all 15 levels over at JIG's Design Competition site to get the full effect. While I missed it when it came out (apparently there were a lot of design issues and bugs), I'm glad I played it eventually.

Basic gameplay is easy to grasp. Send your soldiers (pool balls) flying into the bombs to damage them. You only have three types of soldiers, basic, tank and specialist. The specialist can fire at targets or run into them.

The only complaints I have are minor. Scrolling is slow and can be tough to manage. And the music is quite repetitive (I eventually turned it off, leaving the sfx on). But other than that, the graphics are fun (note how the soldiers move when the ball is rolling!) and the dialogue is also fun.

I only had to reattempt a couple of levels more than once. The puzzle aspect of this game is fun, but linear.

Play Ballistic Wars at fizzlebot.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warbears 3 Walkthrough

Warbears 3Warbears, those wacky, smart-aleccy agent bears are back again, only this time it's a real mission. Save the hostages, take out the guards, pop some bubbles, stop the bad err... fish.

If you've played warbears or warbears 2, you know what to do. Follow along and pick out the right moves at the right time by holding your mouse over each bear and trying things out. Or, if you get sick of failing all the time, follow the walkthrough below.

Play Warbears 3 at warbears.

From Checkpoint 1:
Look at the string using agent Lucas (looks like an eyeball, but not the grenade). Pull the string to 'free the hostages.'
Kla scolds Lucas. Get Kla to launch his robot rocket. Select manual and move the rocket above the device lowering the hostages. Drop it on top, then move it quickly back to the left and then back under it to the right and shoot back up into it. If you do it quickly enough (while the red lights are still flashing), then it will tilt. You have saved the hostages! Oil pours down one of the poles, giving Ryoh, once he's free from the hamster ball, access upwards.

Move the rocket back upwards to the red rocket outline. Click on the dot when the rocket gets highlighted blue to land the rocket. The WBOT will deploy. Use KLA's PDA once again to control the WBOT. Move him around using the left mouse button (click where you want him to go), but keep him within the blue outer line, or he will fall and the mission will fail. In the upper left corner, there is a green square. Move onto it and activate the toolbox. Move to the upper right hand (you have to go back down and to the right then back up) to move the chain around. Lower it once, then raise it once, then lower it to 73.

Move the WBOT back down and to the left (just to the left and down from where you started) to the green squares. Raise the crane until you can move it into position 5, then lower it until the boat lifting strops are hooked. Raise it back up and move it to position 1. Then lower it all the way down (the hooks will be below the boat). Get out of controlling the WBOT.

Lucas should now toss his grenade at full strength but half power. Click and hold on the arrow when it is full, then hold it down until the grenade is half full. Ryoh will be set free by the pirhanas!

Move Ryoh up-left (arrow) and when he reaches the top of the pipe, use his katanas to slice the pipe open. Go up the pipe again and start sliding down. As he slides, click on the arrow to get him to jump onto the platform on the right. Use his katanas at full power to cut the chain, starting a fire to attract the pirhana. Have Lucas throw a grenade at half strength (arrow half full, grenade full), but full power to kill them off.

Get Ryoh back onto his bubble, then have him go left (arrow) to attach the boat hooks. Click on the PDA to get the WBOT to raise up the boat (up on the Crane panel).

A couple of notes: the rocket to free the hostages was a pain. Even knowing how to do it, I had to try several times to get it right. Also, having the WBOT fall off the crane several times, I have to say his maneuvering abilities are awful! Then of course, there's throwing a grenade at the hamster wheel. The interface was not very good at keeping track of when I was releasing the grenade, so I kept killing off Ryoh.

Checkpoint 2:
Click on Lucas. He will shake dust off onto the guards. Move right to test the door. Move Kla left and get him to try his PDA. It has short circuited.

Get Ryoh up by clicking on the arrow (move your mouse around near the bottom right). Fight the guard. Move left, then click on the katana to slash the pipe. Look at the gauge. Move the slider to #2. Drag the wheel to the right to fill it up (gas leak will start). Slide over to #3, then drag the wheel to the left and quickly push the handle down. If you get it right, a fire will start.

Move Ryoh left, then up the stairs. Use his katanas to break the laser. Head back down to the gauge and wheel. Move the slider to 3 and get it up half-way. Notice how the screen on the machine next to the lase goes from off to on as its gauge moves into the green. Move Ryoh left and hit the button. Then move upstairs again. If you want, you can hit the button on the panel to send a box out now or wait until after the circuit has been reset.

Move Lucas downstairs. Move right and open up the toilet dispenser fuse box. Take out the fuse. Move right and put the fuse into the crane fuse box.

Have Kla open up his PDA again. Get Ryoh to move a box out. Important! Don't drop any boxes onto Steve! Get Kla to pick up and move the boxes up. Green to turn the magnet on and off. Blue to go pick up a box. Yellow to reposition it when it is up (i.e. don't drop one on Steve!). Move Steve left and up as needed to keep him moving up on the stacks. Keep sending boxes out using Ryoh. Lift them up using Kla, then get Steve up onto them (Again, don't drop any on Steve!). The fourth box will go out upside down. Move Ryoh downstairs and hit the button to get it out of the way. Then reset the conveyer belt and send out another box. Get Steve up into the boat.

Move Steve right into the boat. Pick up the object on the table to the left. Hit the bottom left corner of the poster on the right. Find the 3 pieces of paper and then get the crowbar. Open up the box.

Once in the boat look to the left and pick up the weird object on the table. Then hit the bottom left corner of the poster on the right so steve remembers about the pieces of paper he put the code for the safe on. Then find the 3 pieces and collect the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the box. Grab his clothes off the table.

Get Lucas to move the fuse from the crane to the elevator. Bring Lucas back up to get the 'shiny thing' and the CDGs.

Move Ryoh back down to the gauge and wheel and move the gas into #1. Move Lucas right and up the stairs. Throw a grenade (1/3 power, 1/3 blast). Get Steve to shoot the laser. The remaining guard will run. Open up the water tank, take a shower, then move right.

If you haven't already, get the elevator to work by switching the fuse out of the right most box and into the left most box using Lucas. Move Steve right into the elevator.

Checkpoint Three (short and sweet)

Once Steve is out of the elevator, shoot the guards in between ducking behind the panel. Do it quickly for a bonus. Move left twice to check out the office. Go right to find the door is locked. Go back into the office to get the key. Go back to the door and head downstairs. Take out the guard.

Fight the big guy by hitting near the bottom left (on the blue band) of his helmet. The blue band at the bottom will eventually be damaged.

The machine has been activated. Move the red block so that they are in order (I, II, III) from left to right on the middle row. Have Steve shoot the middle. Move block I to the top left and the III block to the bottom right and shoot the bottom. Then move block I to the bottom left and block III to the top right and shoot the top. You win! (well... sort of...)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop GameCoffee Shop is the latest lemonade stand look alike from armorgames. (That's not to imply that armorgames comes out with look alikes every week, but that I've seen other lemonade stand look alikes before. And if you don't know what I mean by the lemonade stand game, then you must be under the age of 5.). This one is graphically pleasing, with lots of fun animations to find and enjoy.

Like lemonade stand, the challenge is to find the best mixture possible between coffee, sugar, and milk, while still having enough cups each day to serve everyone. After that, it's just a matter of finding the right price to charge depending on the weather.

If you're reputation goes up high enough, maybe even the pope will stop by for a quick drink.

The better your coffee, the more you can sell your coffee for. But for a laugh, on day 14, make the worst cup of coffee you can and sell it for as much as you can. Everyone will still stop by and since you're closing shop tomorrow, it doesn't matter if they all start puking their guts out on the sidewalk.

Play Coffee Shop at armorgames.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cursed Winds

Cursed WindsCursed Winds from freeonlinegames is a fun sailing shooter. Take your pirate ship out and attack the other 'cursed' pirates in 15 levels of mayhem. Either take out the ship below them by blowing it to smithereens or board the vessel and take the crew on (make sure you can take them, or they may just take your ship!). Either way, make sure you plunder their ship before it floats away.

The best strategy is to upgrade your reloading capability first. This applies on every level until its fully upgraded. Then go for upgraded damage and boat speed (avoiding their cannon fire is a priority).

A great way to start a level is to move into the up-right corner. Unless something comes out from the right side (it does happen occasionally on the later levels), you should have a free shot until they turn around and make their way back across.

If you can get above the enemy ships, you also have a free shot, but the slide upwards very quickly, so you may get stuck in a boarding action when you're not ready for it.

If you can get past the second level, you should be alright, but I would still save between every level. Spend all your money in between levels to upgrade your ship.

Play Cursed Winds at freeonlinegames. At admiral level, I had a final score of 854805. Have you beaten that?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


N3wton TanksMore fun than it first appears to be, N3wton is a short and sweet game applying Newtons Laws of Physics. You control a simple tank. Shoot at all the black tanks that are either firing at you or are firing at predetermined angles. Knock them off the platform or get yourself knocked off to lose. Just be careful of the recoil.

To play, move around with the arrow keys or with aswd. Aim and fire with the mouse. The longer you hold down the left mouse button the harder your shot will be, but that also increases the amount of recoil you should expect.

The levels do get harder, but there are only 25 of them. You should be able to finish the game fairly quickly.

Play N3wton at kongregate.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Strategy Defense

Strategy DefenseWhile Strategy Defense looks like a tactics game, it really isn't. There's very little strategy involved in one 'hero' taking on anywhere from 4 to 8 (until the last battle) enemies whose only strategy is to charge forward, shoot at you and then run away.

But it's still a fun game. I found that by treating it as a puzzle game I could enjoy the challenge that came with each level. While getting stuck on certain levels was extremely frustrating when I couldn't solve it, I did get by eventually.

Ever hear of moving in a diagonal? Apparently the maker of this game hasn't.


  1. Kill everything to build up your experience. While you get more money for finishing levels in fewer rounds, the xp counts for more. Instead, make sure you are at full health (or close to it) in order to build up your money supply. Building up money supplies is important. Don't waste any chance to end with a higher hp.
  2. Don't worry about buying things at the store. If you don't use it, you can sell it back later at the same price.
  3. Sometimes its best just to get shot and use your retaliation to fire back. Take a health potion on your turn instead of firing back and getting shot in retaliation. The best time to shoot one of your attackers is only if they will die with that shot. Otherwise, they get to hit you twice (once on your round in retaliation, and once on their round when they shoot back).
  4. If you can, stay out of range of your attackers and hit them with the magic arrow. Especially on the earlier levels and against the towers, this can save you a lot of time.
  5. Magic (except for the arrows) becomes useless within four rounds of when you can start using it.
  6. If you can't avoid your attackers the best strategy is to minimize the number of attackers who can hit you in a single round. Then heal yourself on your turn. Allow your retaliation to take care of them.
  7. Enemy knights are easy to avoid, so kill everything else while avoiding them.
  8. Keep in mind that you can run a lot farther as a knight, and you can switch right back to whatever else you want when you get there.

Update: Oops! As the anonymous commenter pointed out below, I never told you where it was.

Play Strategy Defense at crazymonkeygames.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bloons Tower Defense 2

Bloons Tower Defense 2Bloons Tower Defense 2 has everything you ever wanted as a kid, bloons, towers, and uh... dart throwing monkeys.

The follow-up to Bloons Tower Defense, the sequel has improved the original slightly. You still have balloon popping, dart throwing (yes, they are all right-handed) monkeys, but now you have to use some of the different towers. For instance, unless you have a cannon, you can't blow up the lead balloon that start coming in level 20.

There are also some nifty tools, like monkey glue and road spikes that you can use for a temporary reprieve.

The sequel is harder than the original, but I have faith that if you beat the original, you can beat at least the medium level. Again, the super monkey is the best dart thrower out there, but without a cannon, you won't be able to finish the game.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 at ninjakiwi.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


StormWindsStormwinds is a new turret defense game that is pretty generic in nature. If you like games like Bowmaster or Battle, you'll enjoy this game. Just don't expect too much.

Place your turrets in your cliff fortress and fire away at the oncoming waves of enemies. The first few levels are very easy, but they do get tougher. There are 25 levels in all, with each one getting progressively more difficult (not completely linear, but a general trend of increased difficulty is there). The boss is not too hard to defeat once you get to him.

No sound effects is a detraction, but the music is good. Repetitive after a while, but it does set the stage nicely. I wish the hot keys would work for me. Switching guns is a pain, the hotkeys would be nice.

Basic guns are the heavy turret (good for taking damage) and the machine gun (good for long distance fighting). Place your heavy turret in the first slot to take the most fire. The sniper gun is useful for quick take downs. One strategy is to have two snipers and one heavy turret. That will get you pretty far. The lightning gun is fun, but slow to recharge.

This game is pretty basic in nature, fun, but like I said, don't expect too much.

Play StormWinds at herointeractive.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Battle

The BattleThe Battle is in Beta, so anything I say here could be different in the final version, and really, that should be a good thing.

Similar to Bowmaster or Bowmaster Prelude, you have a big gun that you can fire at the opposing troops (but not their base) as they try to invade your base. You can also recruit troops to attack their base or defend your position.

On the field in between the two opposing bases are turrets which you can take over (or attack if they are already occupied) and oil fields. You want to defend the oil fields in order to build up your money supply.

The money you collect can be spent on troops, research on better troops, upgrading your weaponry, or shooting at the bad guys.

What I like about this game: the introduction of money into the strategy is certainly interesting. Also, different weapons, upgrades, the cost of firing your own weapon, the 'surprise' ending on level 15 all make this enjoyable. Figuring out where to place your troops to maximize their effectiveness adds a nice bit of strategy to the game.

What I don't like (and I hope they fix in future versions):
Overall, this game is way too easy. You can shoot your way to victory on every level without recruiting more than a couple of men (who go out and occupy the turrets and oil fields). It's also way too easy to take the turret (when available) that's next to the enemy base and let it destroy the enemy base.

The research is a nice idea, but it's too easy to research everything by level 5. Then you're left with a lot of money which means you don't have to worry about spending at all.

The point system leaves a lot to be desired. Perhaps a bonus for time to finish or something. If you want to maximize your score, just kill everything the other base creates and he runs out of troops. Destroying the other base gives you a nice bonus, but not enough to make it worth your while to do so.

Also, if you have two different methods to end the level, there should be some way of marking your progress with either method. You know what the enemy base hit points look like, why don't you know how many more troops he can recruit?

Why can you stop some of your troops from running off the far side of screen and not others? Also, once you run out of population, you need to commit suicide in order to build others. It would be nice if you could sell them off instead.

Anyways, I still had fun with it. Bowmaster is way better, but if you like that, you'll like The Battle (lousy name, btw).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy 4 Jigsaws

Unsolved Jigsaw PuzzleI got an e-mail from someone asking me to review the site crazy4jigsaws, and I ended up liking the site, so here's my review.

Crazy 4 Jigsaws is a jigsaw puzzle site. There are plenty of jigsaws to play with high resolution pictures that are pleasant to look at. Each photo can be cut up into little jigsaw pieces, anywhere from 12 to 192 pieces for you to play with.

Move the pieces around with your mouse. When you find a matching piece, let go of the button and it will lock up together automatically. If you register, the time it takes for you to solve the puzzle will be stored and your name can be entered into the high score table for bragging rights. But even if you don't register, your time will affect the 'average time' shown.

I have a critique of the 'average time' shown. It's nice to compare yourself to others, but I was interrupted a few times while solving puzzles, so my time was obviously inflated with down time. That can severely affect the average, especially while the site is new and there are so few people there.

Unlike a lot of gaming sites, I was comfortable showing this one to a toddler, so I would say it's family friendly.

Solve jigsaw puzzles online at crazy4jigsaws

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tactics 100 Live

Tactics Live 100Tactics 100 Live is a tactical strategy game similar to chess, but set in a fantasy world. Set up your army using 100 points spread across up to 10 pieces to take on your opponent with. Play the single player walkthrough or go head to head against a live opponent.

You play on a 7x7 board and start off facing your opponent. But things can quickly get out of hand if you choose to charge ahead with some of your pieces. Your starting army can consist of wizards, knights, archers and healers.

Play the single player version a few times and play around with your army. You can take the balanced default army straight through the 10 levels in the single player game, but it's only be experimenting with the various upgrades that you can really have fun with this game. Will you upgrade a few to their highest level? Do you want another archer, or do you want the healers abilities? Maybe you want to try out your luck with just wizards on your side?

I'm really enjoying this game. The strategic possibilities are just fascinating.

Some things you should keep in mind. Hitting from the side or back can pay off. But exposing your own backside to a knight can be deadly. Wizards chain reactions can be really useful, but without upgrading his damage potential, hitting the fourth opponent for only 2 points may not be worth it. Knights are great for both dealing and taking damage. Use them for buffers to protect your wizards and/or archers. Archers are cheap and don't do a lot of damage, but they are very mobile (and cheap).

It is possible to beat all ten levels in the single player without losing a life, but you may need to restart a level (without a penalty) to do it. Sometimes luck plays a part, too.

Play Tactics 100 Live at kongregate.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grow Island Walkthrough

Grow Island Ufo EndingGrow Island continues the fun and exciting games from On at eyezmaze. It is being used to promote the SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, a college information site and so it is not located on the eyezmaze site.

Like the other games in the grow series, your job is to figure out the best order to place new objects onto the field. In this case, the objects are courses of learning. While I think you should go ahead and try different things in an attempt to find the various endings (there are multiple), I'll provide a walkthrough for the basic ending and UFO ending below.

Play Grow Island at shingakunet.

UFO Walkthrough:

  1. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering,
  2. Civil engineering,
  3. Architecture,
  4. Computer science,
  5. Electrical Engineering,
  6. Mechanical engineering,
  7. Applied Chemistry,
  8. Environmental engineering,
Basic Walkthrough:
  1. Mechanical engineering,
  2. Civil engineering,
  3. Architecture,
  4. Environmental engineering,
  5. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering,
  6. Electrical Engineering,
  7. Computer science,
  8. Applied Chemistry

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shield Defense

Shield DefenseShield Defense is a tower defense game, but with a fun twist. You can't shoot back. Your only offense is a good defense, because you can only use your shield to rebound the shots coming in on you.

That makes it a lot more difficult to play and think about. You need to concentrate on your defensive skills more than in other games. Every 3, 4 or 5 rounds (depends on the skill level you choose at the beginning) you get a bonus point. Use those bonus points for bonus upgrades, rather than regular upgrades which cost money.

In between levels, you can upgrade your shield using the money you collect from blowing up the bad guys. Just don't spend all your money because any money you have left over earns interest in between rounds.

Hints and Tips
Get the antimatter shield (cost of three bonus points). At the later levels, you'll be facing fire from several different directions and you can't block them all. Heat seekers is another great upgrade (again, 3 bonus points). After that, increase the interest rate.

Play Shield Defense at Kongregate.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Haluz 2 Walkthrough

Haluz is back (see the original Haluz walkthrough) and slightly better than before. Figure the puzzles out and move your hero along to rescue the girl and get your just rewards. The online version is a teaser for a full version you can purchase (I wasn't tempted, even though it is a good puzzle game).

The graphics are as incredible as they were in the first version and the sound effects are fun.

I'll post a walkthrough below.

Haluz is similar to other mini puzzle games (graphics and puzzle-wise) to Samarost, Samarost 2, and wogger. Other recent point and click adventure games include Smart Stick Adventures 2 1/2, Hapland 3, and Puzzleland.

Play Haluz 2 at

Walkthrough Below

Wait for the introduction to finish and your hero to start off on his adventure. Then click on the lock next to the door. Then click on the raccoon hiding in the lamp on top of the hill. Click on the cord to turn on the light. The code for the lock shows up under the light on the door. Punch in the code and then turn the wheel.

Click on the light switch next to the door. Turn it to the right to move the bat to the right. Turn it back to the left to get the bat to come back. Take the hook up next to the bat and attach it to it. Turn the light switch back the other way to move the bat again. Click on the basket to jump across.

Wait a few moments, then click on your hero to 'pollute' the water. Wait some more for the flowers to grow and expose the man in the mountain. Click on the left most flower.

Take the pine cone out of the man in the mountains mouth and place it under the clock as a counter weight. Click on the clock face until the horse starts coming out (4 o'clock). Your hero will jump on and disappear.

Click on the walkman the old shaman is listening to. Click on the bottom right music code to make him float (looks like an alpha symbol to me). Turn the volume up to make him float higher. Click on his beard to get the key to drop out. Put the key in the lock to get your hero out in his flying boat.

Enjoy the scenery.

To get the snake to let you go, turn on the water (right side, red knob). Turn the left wheel on the pump (bottom middle of scene). Turn right wheel, then turn the left wheel again. Then click the pump. Turn the left wheel again to release the bees. Click on back of boat to get hero on his way.

Wait till hero stops his boat. Click on hummingbird on flower pot above. When the bird comes out to eat fruit, click on plants with eyes above to steal it (may require some timing). Click on eyes again to drop fruit, dropping big bird into pot allowing you to move on.

Click on glass to get your hero to attempt to lift it up off of the girl. He's not strong enough. Halfway up on right side, there is a claw holding an orange ball. Click on it, then immediately click on jar below it to swing it out (requires timing) to get ball to drop into jar. Click on fly on far left. While it is on the mushroom, click on iguana (top left).

Enjoy end scene and sales pitch for full version. (I did say you would get your just rewards, didn't I? That's what you get for stealing a man's mouthpiece!)

The Blade of Innocence

Blade of InnocenceBlades of Innocence is a very simple RTS game. Build up your castle and your forces and attack the other castle before the computer manages to take you down. Your income comes at a steady stream, so no worries about resource collection except to build those things that increase your income.

Not hard to beat at the easy or very easy level, this game becomes more difficult at normal. Be ready for real frustration if you get beyond that (I tend to scream about how the computer is cheating).

I try to build up resources first, then my army. This game doesn't give you much time to do that, however. And if all your footsoldiers die, when you create a new one, it may not go for the weakest opponent (Which absolutely drives me nuts!).

It's distracting to see the directions in two different languages, but I learned to live with it.

This game is not exactly going to tempt you into replaying it again and again, but for those of you who want a taste of RTS...

Play Blades of Innocence at flashgames247. Found via forbored.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower Defense, you wanted more bloons? You wanted more tower defense? Well, now you can have both. Use your dart throwing monkeys to the best of their abilities to stop the onslaught of horrific... uh... bloons.

This game isn't hard to beat, but is still fun to play simply because it merges two fun games. It's not something you're going to want to go back to again and again.

To beat it, I used a mass of simple dart throwing monkeys, upgraded to piercing (and distance if needed). Then, when I had enough money, I bought supermonkeys (which are not a joke... well... they are a joke, but the hypervelocity speed at which they throw darts makes them a menace to any ballon) and upgraded their distance to win out. I let one bloon through, which I blame to inattention more than anything early on. See the picture to see placement. I never sold any monkeys, and I never used the freeze or bomb monkeys.

Play Bloons Tower Defense at ninjakiwi.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Papas Pizzeria

Papas PizzeriaPapas Pizzeria starts out by promoting you from delivery boy to order taker, pizza maker and all around boss of your own pizza place because the real owner decided to take off and leave it to you. So get cooking those pies before your customers get too angry.

Like BP Gas Mania, Nanny Mania and Hot Shot Business, the objective is to make money by keeping your customers happy. Make sure to make the pizza they want. Each customer will want their favorite toppings, cooked as long as they wanted, and cut a certain way.

What I like is how each customer can be built up. Keep their service level high and they'll reward you more each time they come. Blow their order and they'll remember it the next day with lower tips. I'm also amused by all the Pizza ads on the site.

What I don't like is how complicated the game can be. For a casual game, it's not easy to flip from screen to screen. I screwed up one order by giving the wrong customer his pizza because I left the wrong order slip out. Also, I still haven't figured out how to know if a new customer has shown up other than by sticking your head out (figuratively speaking). Maybe a bell ringing as they enter the door would be a nice touch?

Play Papas Pizzeria at papalouie.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Boxhead 2

Boxhead 2Boxhead 2, like Boxhead, is a zombie killing game. Wave after wave of zombies come out at you and their only thought is to get to you. Collect your weaponry and start clearing them out.

The graphics are better, and so are the controls and the sounds. Overall this sequel is a big improvement over the first, but it still isn't perfect.

To be honest, it's not much of a challenge. Most often, I end up dying from making some stupid mistake because I tried to liven things up by trying to kill some the oncoming hordes in a different manner than before. For the most part, I rely on the shotgun and grenades to carry me through.

Play Boxhead 2 at kongregate.

You may have noticed I've been playing a lot of games at kongregate lately and there's a reason for that. For whatever reason, a lot of the best game creators are now hosting their games there and the community is a lot of fun. So I am definitely recommending kongregate as a site to find all the best games.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Orb Avoidance 2

Orb Avoidance 2Orb Avoidance 2 is a definite upgrade from orb avoidance. With better graphics and more options, including exploding blocks, its become a lot harder to last very long.

Orb avoidance was too easy to game. Sneak up to a block near the top or the bottom of the screen and tuck your pointer in close. The incoming orbs will never hit you and you can play indefinitely, or at least until you need to use your mouse for something else.

OA2 has solved that by making it harder to hide. With exploding blocks and better graphics, hiding out is no longer an option.

Play Orb Avoidance 2 at kongregate.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Gravity Pods

Gravity PodsGravity Pods is a puzzle game in which you're job is to shoot the target. And while the first couple dozen of levels are fairly straightforward and easy, the remaining ones are tough.

I don't really understand why this one is so popular. I've seen it all over the place and it keeps getting linked to. But I just don't see why. It quickly becomes guess the right angle to shoot at and there's no real puzzle to it. It also takes way to long to become a challenge.

But, perhaps you're like the others who have linked to it and like this sort of game. If so, play Gravity Pods at wickedpissahgames (maybe it's the name of the site that makes it so much fun for people?)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Last Stand

The Last StandThe Last Stand is a zombie killing game. Last the night and you can go in search of new weapons and allies during the day. Spend your time wisely, or you may be overrun when the zombies come back.

You can move around inside your barricade, aim (head shots work well) and shoot your weapon. Once they get close enough, you should use the chainsaw.

Spend more time looking for survivors at first (8-4 survivors to weapons). Then switch the amount. Otherwise you won't get past day 2. Try not to aim for the chest when taking down zombies. That does the least damage. The closer they get, the better your aim, but it's not worth the wait. Even if you don't get a weapon when searching, the time still counts.

I played this game a while ago, but was amazed to see I never did a review of it. So here you go. Play the Last Stand at kongregate.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tower Tactics

Tower TacticsTower tactics is a rpg from armorgames and it is a great effort. Lead your men into battle, using your skills to tip the balance in your favor. In between battles, learn new skills and equip them. Hire new soldiers to replace those you lose. The more battles you win, the higher your reputation gets and the more soldiers you can hire.

All in all, it's a fun game. Visually intense, with great music. But there are some flaws. Using your skills in battle is hard. First you have to pick out your soldier from out of the crowd, then get him to use his skill. Then you have to move on to the next soldier, get him to move or fight or use a skill, then the next one and so forth.

You can mass move your men or attack a single enemy soldier en masse, but that doesn't help you use your skills. You can mass select the group, then pick out the guy you are interested in, then select the skill you want to use. It just isn't easy. Since you spend so much time learning new skills in between battles, you're going to want to employ those skills.

Also, the game is a little too linear for my taste. I like the ability to go back and re-fight battles or enter random fights in order to build up stats. You can't do that here. There are sub quests where you go back and fight in the same place. And if you lose a fight, you can go back and fight again while still gaining in skills and experience. Although if you lose your men too many times they won't be able to regenerate, forcing you to hire a new soldier. Once you finish the campaign, you can go and 'practice' to gain in xp, but that's a bit late for helping you during the campaign.

One last gripe. There's not a lot of variety between the skills you learn based on the type of soldier. You would think, for instance, the bowmen would have skills based on throwing projectiles, while the knights on horseback might have up close and personal skills. The mage should have its owns skills to master. Instead, everyone has almost the same skill list, just with different proficiencies.

But really, this is a fun game to play once you get into it. Automatically saving your progress works great (it's going to take you a while to beat the campaign). The graphics, as I mentioned before are great. The dialog is horrible (makes your hero look like an idiot). But still a great game for flash.

Play Tower Tactics at armorgames.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Revenge of the Stickmen

It should be fairly obvious by now that I like strategy games, which is why I often like to point out the desktop tower games. There's a new one out called revenge of the stickmen. The stickmen are coming out of the computer to wreak revenge on all who have done such horrible, horrible things to them over the years.

Place your towers, or in this case, pens, staplers, cell phones and staplers across the board to bar their way. Destroy them all before they escape out the window.

The game has some nice graphics, although the 3D effect causes the towers to overlap. That makes it harder to find the tower you want to upgrade. But that's only a slight annoyance. Not a lot of fun sounds.

Strategy: build up a cash reserve and make sure to spend your bonus (heads) on interest rates to help even more. Later on in the game, you'll need the extra cash to get by. Also, don't forget air defenses. Otherwise they'll blow right by you.

Once the stickmen enter your maze, they won't readjust their path unless they are forced to. So don't worry about selling a tower that's right next to a stickman. It won't suddenly change direction to take that space.

Once real criticism I have is the lack of ability in building multiple towers. Picking your tower, placing it and going back to the 'build' menu in the corner is slow. When you're trying to build up your maze, it's quite a pain.

Play Revenge of the Stickmen at

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

BP Gas Mania

BP ManiaBP Gas Mania is clearly a marketing ploy from BP, and yet I can't stop playing it.

Like other mania games, the objective is to serve your customers, keeping them happy and making sure to collect your money when they're ready to leave. In this case, you are pumping gas at the happiest little gas station in town.

Career mode lets you get a taste of the various tasks you need to accomplish for each customer. The tasks are repetitive in nature in that its always the same order: move them to the pump, start the pump up, get their extra from the counter, and then get the payment. But there's always a line waiting and you need to keep everyone happy.

Once you've beaten career mode, you can try unlimited. But it isn't actually unlimited (although after a while you may feel like it's never going to end). You can finish the game.

The music is quite catchy, but if it doesn't drive you mad within the first three levels then you obviously already have the sound turned off.

Play BP Mania at miniclip.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Bloons World

Bloons World, like Bloons and More Bloons has you taking out balloons with a dart throwing monkey. Only on the web, right?

World is the natural continuation in the series. But instead of 50 more levels for you to beat, you can create your own levels and submit them for others to play. Then you can randomly play any levels (or go to a specific one) submitted by others. Rate them each as you play so everyone else can get to know how good or how bad a level has been done.

It's a fun little time waster. Although, after randomly playing a few levels, people are way too in love with the pacman balloon.

Play Bloons World at bloonsworld. Thanks to Games for Bored for pointing it out.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tower Defense Updates

In case you missed it, both Onslaught and Desktop Tower Defense have gone through several updates and have officially released new versions.

They have both added new enemies and towers, while Onslaught added new maps.

The strategy for Desktop Tower Defense hasn't changed, much. The 'dark' creeps aren't all that challenging for the squirt towers, and the morph creeps are fun, but still not challenging. The biggest issue I still have is killing off the flyers. Let's just say you need at least four freeze towers, and you have to figure out what to do with the spawn creeps that come before them.

The new towers aren't all that exciting.

For Onslaught, the best new combo is the dark hole. Nice for clearing off the creeps that build up on later levels. But you still need to build up your nuke flowers to do some real damage.

Update: Since others were recommending the new towers to me, I figured I should go back and give it another try. It turns out that I do like one of the new towers, or should I say an upgraded tower. The bash tower has been upgraded to the point where it does some awesome damage (2000 points). But the squirt tower is still my tower of choice for most of my map (See image). I was able to score 7136 points. Not bad for hard.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starshine Walkthrough

Starshine is a simple puzzle game. Try to aim your shooting star so that all of the stars light up. Easy? No. But there's a walkthrough below that will help you.

BTW, I did this using trial and error. Also, you will probably have to turn your speakers off after a few levels. The song, while nice enough at first, is just a continuous loop that moves into your brain and slowly drives you batty.

Play Starshine at armorgames.

I used positions of the clock to show where you want to lay down your shot. Not very precise, but it will get you close enough for those levels that drive you nuts.

Level 1: 12
Level 2: 10
Level 3: 5
Level 4: 10
Level 5: 4:30
Level 6: 9
Level 7: 10:30
Level 8: 11:30 or 11:45
Level 9: 9:30
Level 10: 4:30
Level 11: 6
Level 12: 3
Level 13: 7:30
Level 14: 7
Level 15: 5:30 or 5:45
Level 16: 6
Level 17: 5:30
Level 18: 6
Level 19: 2
Level 20: 9:30
Level 21: 8 <- oops.. should be 11:55
Level 22: 9:30
Level 23: 8
Level 24: 6:30
Level 25: 9:15
Level 26: 6:15
Level 27: 5:30
Level 28: 7:30
Level 29: 10:45
Level 30: 1:30
Level 31: 1:30
Level 32: 11:15
Level 33: 11
Level 34: 1:30
Level 35: 8 <- it's a smiley face :-)
Level 36: 11:30
Level 37: 11:30
Level 38: 7
Level 39: 8
Level 40: 9:15
Level 41: 1
Level 42: 7
Level 43: 3:30
Level 44: 8:30
Level 45: 8:15
Level 46: 5:30
Level 47: 1
Level 48: 8:50
Level 49: 4:45
Level 50: 10 <- Really need to be careful here. Just north of the closest star so that the reflection from said star hits the blue star on the far right.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Temple Guardian

Temple GuardianTemple Guardian is another tower defense game. Yeah... I know. Another one? But this one is actually a little bit different.

Defend your temple from the invading creeps (it's not that different) by placing towers in various places throughout the map. Arrow towers and cannon towers start you off, but won't get you very far.

Now here's where it gets different. An eagle tower lets you chase down one particular creep at a time, by siccing an eagle on it. Another new twist is recovery. Some creeps will actually recover hp faster than you think, so make sure you mass your towers together to knock them down. You can also set traps to slow down the creeps on the path. The traps are cheap and easy to use, but won't help you against the stronger creeps.

There are also creeps who will dig under the path. Then there's the creep that will actually turn around and run away! And then, when you think you've won the game, the creeps will start fighting back, damaging your towers as they pass through the maze.

There's also a nice feature where you can build your own map.

All in all, it's a fun game to play. I've played better tower defense games, but this one is definitely different.

Play Temple Guardian at 9mine (found at Games for bored).

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Momentum Missile Mayhem

Momentum Missile Mayhem is a great twist on the defend your castle genre. Fire your missiles at the advancing tanks before they have a chance to cross your tower. You get 40 lives (40 chances to let a tank break through), but you're more likely to die when your tower blows up due to near-by explosions.

As with many archer games, pull back and let fly your missiles at the advancing hordes. Each wave gets more and more difficult, so choose wisely when it comes to your upgrades. Either better missiles, more energy build-up, better stability, etc... Everything comes into play.

Tips: Build up your energy and your stability first. Having the missile you want to throw at the advancing hordes blow up in your face instead of hitting one of the tanks is really depressing. Also, the shockwave is easy to acquire near the beginning. Set it to blow next to a line of tanks and watch them blow up in line.

One other thing. This game reminds me of bowling sometimes. If you shoot your missile at the right angle, you may get a strike, rather than just hitting that one pin on the left. Of course, it's also easy to be left with a 7-10 split, too. ;-)

Play Momentum Missile Mayhem at armorgames.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Nanny Mania

Nanny-ManiaNanny Mania lets you take charge of the mayor's household as the nanny. Follow the baby around as it makes mess after mess, do the laundry, cook the food, clean up after the mayor comes back in tracking mud everywhere. It's a messy house and somebody has to clean it.

Click on any of the messes to clean them up. Some messes require multiple steps to finish cleaning, such as laundry, feeding or cleaning the baby and cooking the food. Sometimes, you can go from step to step without a problem, but if you end up stuck with a load of laundry in your hands with nowhere to put it, you could be in trouble.

Play Nanny Mania at arcadetown.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vector TD (Tower Defense)

Vector TDVector TD is another tower defense game from the programmer who brought you Flash Circle TD and Flash Element TD.

Each round sends a rush of creeps around the map you chose at the beginning. Place your towers carefully around the map to shoot down on the creeps as they pass by. If you choose poorly, they will overrun your home base, taking one life each time they do. you start out with 20 lives (you can purchase more with the bonuses, although I wouldn't recommend that).

There are four normal maps and four hard maps to choose from. The normal maps give an easy introduction to the game. If you've played any other tower defense game, don't expect a challenge. You can always try for a high score. The harder maps are very challenging. It's very hard to balance your build up of towers vs. the conservation of the money in your bank account.

The latest tower defense creation builds off the old ones while simplifying at the same time. Also, as with his other tower defense games, the money you don't spend may be more important than the money you do. Since you can earn interest on the money in the bank, you need to conserve the cash as much as you can. This also means you should sell the towers back when they become useless.

The best tower is the third red turret. But each color has its strengths and weaknesses. Also, keep in mind the yellow creeps are very fast. If you only have one red turret on the field, they'll blow past you. Also, you can focus your towers in three ways. Either target close, hard, or weak creeps. This can make a big difference. If you have some green lasers, focus them on the weak creeps, while using the third red tower to hit the 'hard' targets. Or just go for the closest target.

I'm not crazy about the music (too repetitious) and why not put in sound effects? Also, the numbers can be hard to read sometimes. There are definitely some improvements that can be made.

Play Vector TD at candystand. First seen at JIG.

If I ever beat the hard map, I'll come back and tell you about it. What's your best strategy?

Update: I beat the first hard map Elemental-ish by getting through the first few levels and then building several red three towers in the middle. Eventually, I had five of them (I sold off everything else) and had them upgraded to level 9 for the last level.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Xeno Tactic

Xeno TacticXeno Tactic is a tower defense game that takes some of the best elements from other tower defense games and does nothing with them. In other words, if you've played any of the others, you've played this one.

The only new element is the mission based maps. Beat Mission 1 and the next map is opened up. But, keep in mind the game is still the same, just the map changes. Mission 1 - 5 are fairly simple, with little challenge to them. Level 6 pits you against 100 creep waves, and I haven't beaten it yet.

The game is buggy (I kept losing all my money, plus I'm not sure the damage was always being assigned), but the graphics are good and the sound fx are better than most. Also, if you're about to lose, quit (button is at the top right) rather than wait for the last creep to go. If you lose the game, you have to start over at Mission 1 (how annoying is that?).

Play Xeno Tactic at onlinegamesquad.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Castle Wars

Castle WarsCastle Wars is a card game, similar to arcomage or magic. Your job is to build up your castle and/or destroy your opponents castle. You do so by attacking, building, casting spells, etc...

The graphics and sound are pretty basic, but the strategy is interesting. There is a chat and multiplayer is possible or you can play against the computer at beginner or advanced level.

Each round starts off by increasing your resources. There are three types: bricks, weapons and crystals. For every builder, soldier or magic you have, you get one of each resource. Then you play one card from your hand (eight cards are in your hand). That card costs X amount of resources. Any cards that you can play, i.e. you have enough resources to do so, will be highlighted. If you can't play a card, or if you choose not to, you will need to discard instead (hold the ctrl button and click on the card you wish to discard).

If you build your castle up to 100 or reduce your opponents castle to 0, you win the game.

Hints and Tips:
Build up your resources in the beginning rather than trying to attack or build up your own castle. I don't believe you can rush attack or be destroyed quickly enough to make it worthwhile. Instead, try to play the soldier, school, or magician cards early on. If you can, build up your crystal stores as much as you can.

The Curse card subtracts one from each category and adds one to each category and is extremely powerful. Think about it. If you are suddenly taking in 4 resources each round, while your opponent is limited to 1...

Play Castle Wars at kongregate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eye Defence

Eye DefenceEye Defence is a mixture of grow, hapland and defend your castle. You control a gross eye thing (their wording, not mine) from hordes of mechanical soldiers. That's a fairly good description if by hordes, they mean about a dozen. There are only three levels, and despite how frustrating it is to figure out a good way to win, I wanted more by the end.

Place the various items that pop up in your inventory onto your gross eye thing. By placing them in the right place at the right time, you can defend yourself from the attackers. Place them in the wrong place, shoot at the wrong time, or just make one mistake and its game over.

The nice part about having to start over, however, you don't have to go back to level one. You just restart on the level you're on.

Hint, the rotational devices can be placed on the eye or at the end of the sticks. By combining them, you can reach pretty far and cover a wide area. Also, on level two, the flame throwing thing with the pointed ears takes a few hits before it goes down. To get past him, you'll need to hit him multiple times, probably with two different saws. Also, if you're trying to rely on the rockets that fly around to hit your enemies, you're on the wrong track.

If you're stuck, there's a nice walkthrough posted by will7303 at jayisgames. I needed the help to get through level 2 because I didn't think about how to combine the sticks with the rotational devices. I was trying to rely on the rockets, which left me short when the ufo flew by and dropped its bomb on me.

Play Eye Defence at foon.

BTW, you do know what SNOITALUTARGNOC means, right?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Potion Panic

Potion PanicPotion Panic is similar to other 'defend your castle' games in which your object is to defend yourself from the oncoming enemies. This time you're defending yourself from oncoming skeletons, spiders, slugs and later on some giants.

You defend yourself using various types of mixtures from the blue, red and yellow vats above you. Then you fire the concoction at your enemies by aiming and setting the power with your mouse. When your bomb lands, it will do damage based on what type of bomb you built.

The thing is, however, I found this game boring and so I kept getting diverted trying to do something different. Eventually, because I was distracted and not trying all that hard to kill off the charging enemies, my wall would fall and one of the spiders would get close enough to kill me off. What I like about the other defend your castle games is the ability to upgrade your 'castle' and eliminate yourself from the equation except for the really hard boss types. You can't do that here. Also, although I never got there, this game ends after x levels (it's either 30 or 42 depending on the source).

The only thing going for it is the experimentation you can do to try different methods of burning, exploding, poisoning etc... But really, it's not that fascinating. Try as I might, I can't get excited over killing the oncoming hordes using a poison shot rather than a fireball or an acid ball.

Various attempts at building something new and I came up with the following:
explosions: 2-1-1 or 13-9-4 works well. Does some nice damage and gets you through the first levels.
Poison: 1:2:2 (1-2-3 gives you a nice purple poison cloud and is effective for many levels. But doesn't work as well against the white skeletons or red spiders).
acid: 5-20-10 is effective against the witch because it sticks to her.
flames: 3-3-3: flames were the most effective for me, doing the most damage and was basically capable of killing anything with little fuss.

The more potion you use, the more you have to pay to replace it, which is why 1-2-3 works so well. You won't have to buy any more potion since it uses up so little. You'll be able to upgrade (I recommend the flames and the quick reload).

BTW, your wall gets fully healed in between rounds, so don't worry about the damage it takes. Unless it fully falls in which case set your cannon to fire 100-100-100 for full damage full spread fire. And don't miss.

Hint: Listen to the sound effects. You'll be able to tell what's about to come at you if you pay attention. That allows you to switch your mixture to whatever you feel is most effective. Also, you can buy potions and switch your mixture while the game is paused (space bar), so take advantage of that.

Play Potion Panic at ninjakiwi.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mindfields 2 - The Russian Tundra Walkthrough

MindfieldsMindfields 2: The Russion Tundra Walkthrough is a nice diversion. Although the soundtrack is awful and they really should have given you the option of turning it off, I still thought it was a good puzzle game.

Place various objects (turn signals, shooting squares, or transports) to guide your tank through each battlefield. You may have to eliminate some enemy tanks, time your way past some electrical fields, or just puzzle your way through a long path.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section in case you get stuck trying to make your way through the eighteen levels. Some were easy, others were really hard. But still fun.

Play Mindfields 2 at gamesheep.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sea of Fire

Sea of Fire is a strategy game from armorgames. I feel like I've played this game before but I can't remember what it was called.

Build up your base on just seven possible spots. The best strategy is to build up your defense, either through defensive gun enplacements and/or building your airforce to keep your opponent down, while building up your money supply. As soon as you have enough money rolling in, take out your defensive buildings and start building your factories and such.

Do yourself a favor and conquer the outer island first before striking across the mainland. In fact, do it in this order. Take the territory with the gold resource so that you can build up your finances, then the oil. Then move west to the end of the outer island. Then move south to finish the outer regions. Then strike at the mainland. You can take the capital whenever you get close enough to it, but that ends the game.

BTW, make sure you build an anti-missile laser as soon as you are able to as part of your defensive scheme. There's nothing worse than losing half your base to a missile.

Overall, not much of a game, but strategy games are few and far between.

Play Sea of Fire at fpflashfarm.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


luminaraLuminara is a clone of geometry wars, with all the eye-splitting fireworks that go along with it. The music is fun, the gameplay is simple, and the action is fierce.

You are circle in the midst of oncoming squares, triangles and circles. Use your mouse to aim and shoot (just hold the mouse button down) your enemies before they close in on you. Each attacker has their own style, from random movement up to charging right at you. Some will break apart and come at you in smaller pieces while others will work together to come after you. You can dodge using the arrow keys or the wasd keys.

As I said, the gameplay is simple, and there are only 50 levels to beat (they go very quickly). My second time through I beat the game and got 572,345 points. It's not very challenging, but served as a nice break (hint: try not to move around too much. Its too easy to lose track of your guy in the mess).

Play Luminara at armorgames.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Slitherlink CorrectSlitherlink Wrong SolutionSlitherlink is a tough puzzle game based on a Japanese paper logic game. Draw one line along the edges of the squares so that each box that is marked with a number has the correct number of lines passing it by. So, if the box has a three in it, that box should have three of its four edges covered by a line to solve the puzzle.

No figure eights, no loops (except for the big one) and you have to draw your line on the edges. Keep in mind you can block off edges by using shift and the left mouse button to put an x on that edge. Its a very useful tool for helping you picture the solution.

See the picture... I've made a mistake somewhere and can't finish the one on the left, as is. On the right, I've made my corrections and finished this puzzle. On to the next!

Quite addicting and frustrating at the same time. There are 75 puzzles in all, 25 easy, 25 medium and 25 hard. I'm having trouble getting through the easy ones.

Unfortunately, the game does not save your progress for you, but you can figure out where you left off last time.

Play slitherlink at vgreality. Thanks to JIG for finding this fun puzzler.

Monday, April 30, 2007

VR Defender Y3K: Walkthrough

VR Defender Y3K is another tower defense game, this time from armorgames. Place your towers to defend your server from the invading viruses (I might be getting the story line incorrect, but the back story just isn't important).

As with other tower defense games, you have several different types of towers to choose from. Take your pick (if you can afford it), place them strategically, and blow the creeps (viruses) up before they hit the tower (server). There are several different levels; easy, hard, very hard and impossible. The difference is in the map. Both easy and hard have 51 waves to beat. I haven't tried the other two.

Walkthrough: To beat hard, this is what I did: Place two machine guns near the beginning. If you blow up the inset picture, you'll see the first one on the middle left, the second one under the first n in congratulations. Then, I upgraded them both three times (alternating, so there is never more than one level difference between them).

Then I could afford to build a flame thrower on the corner (see picture, under the ti and just below the on in congratulations). By building them on the corner, they could hit the creeps as they were coming and as they were going. Again, I alternated upgrading them to level 3.

At that point, I built a couple of lightning towers. Again, I alternated upgrading them to level 3. Lightning towers have the added ability to freeze creeps for up to 2 seconds. As the creeps get harder, you're going to need more time to kill them off.

Then I started building light towers. I would only upgrade them once, then I would build another one. They have a large enough reach that upgrading them more than that would be a waste of time. These are the towers that do the most damage in my solution.

To finish the game, I would build both lightning (scatter them around) and light towers (in the center). I would upgrade the lightning towers to level 3 and the light towers to level 2. The lightning towers would freeze them, while the light towers would do the most damage. My reasoning for only going to level 2 for the light towers was thus: I could either wait to build up enough money to upgrade to level 3, or I could go ahead and build another tower. I'd rather have another tower sooner, given their long range.

I've seen other solutions involving freezing towers and void tower. I can never get the creeps to bunch up well with the frost towers but, if you're inclined to do it that way, feel free.

Play VR Defender Y3K at armorgames.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloons and More Bloons

More Bloons Death StarBloons and More Bloons (50 more levels) are fun time wasters from fizzlebot. Aim and fire darts in an effort to blow balloons. That way you can move onto the next level and blow even more balloons up.

The monkey holds the dart in his hand. Simply aim with the mouse, then hold down the left mouse button to set your velocity, and let go to fire. Special balloons on each level (I found the pacman balloon particularly funny) help you out.

Bloons came out a short while ago and I spent a fun afternoon working my way through all 50 levels. More Bloons just came out and seems to be 50 more levels that are even more difficult and new specialized balloons. I haven't made my way through all 50 of the new ones, yet. I found the death star (#11, see image) to be particularly difficult.

Update: I'm getting a lot of traffic for people looking for a walkthrough for more bloons. If you're stuck on a particular level, post a comment below. If you leave the password for the level you're stuck on, I'll let you know how I beat it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Galves Adventure Walkthrough

Galves AdventureGalves Adventure is a hapland - like game from the creator of Grow. Get the baby to the top of the level, but make sure he's prepared to take on the lion. Once he takes the lion down, he'll save the baby girl and save the day.

Frustrating to say the least, it's so easy to get stuck in these point and click adventures. I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section, so feel free to help yourself to a less frustrating afternoon.

There are multiple endings possible, so you should keep trying different things if you like this game.

Play Galves Adventure at kotarogame.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Onslaught is another tower defense game. What makes this one different is the graphics, the multiple maps, and the combos. But there's no sound, which is disappointing.

The blue tower is a basic projectile tower. The green tower shoots lasers (at a fairly good rate once it's upgraded). And the red tower shoots missiles over a long range. The red tower won't be as fast, but it does a lot of damage. The blue tower doesn't have a lot of range, but it will fire faster. It's only when you put in the combos when this game differentiates itself.

Line up your three towers so that when their damage is fully upgraded, you can take advantage of their combinations. From BFGs, landmines, poison (which slows the enemy) shots to nukes, you can find lots of combos to make this game fun. My only real issue with this game is the combos that you want are pretty hard to set up.

Or, you can go for a laser tower chain (which I find pretty boring, but it does work).

I also like the tips that come up. They make a lot of sense. You should also really read up on the combos on the how to play page.

Play Onslaught at

Update: This game is still being developed, so each time you play it, you may find different combos work better.

At the moment, you can do very well with several poison combos scattered around the board. After getting slowed to a standstill, the waves of creeps are hit by nukes using a flower arrangement.

The poison combo is set up using a red, blue, green. Extend the range of the red tower to make sure it's the first one to fire. The nuke flower arrangement goes like this. Set a red tower in the middle of six or more blue towers. The red tower (once you extend the range to guarantee it fires first) will throw out a nuke for every two blue towers within range in short order.

See the top right of the inset image to get an idea of what I mean. I have eight blue towers surrounding a red tower that has maximum range. I also surrounded it with damage upgrades. That way I can send out four nukes in quick succession.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Murphys Law 3 and 4 Walkthrough

Murphys Law 4Murphys Law is your chance to play the devil in training. Move things around, hide things, and basically turn one mans big day into his worst day ever through the mischances you set up.

In the Murphys Law 3, the object is to ruin the old mans big day. He's about to be interviewed and your job is to make him come out as bad as possible. Some of the themes are adult, so discretion is advised.

In Murphys Law 4, you're going to ruin the mans haircut and preparation (I think he's a politician).

I'll post walkthroughs in the comments section, so that I don't ruin your experience by giving it all away up here.

Play Murphy's Law 3 at flashgamesite.

Play Murphy's Law 4 at funny-games.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Battlefield General

Battlefield General is an RTS game. Well, it's as close to an RTS game I've seen in a flash game, at least. Build up your troops and attack your enemy. Each level has its own goals. On some, you'll need to fend off attackers, while building up your troop strength so that you can attack their castle. In others, you just need to make enough money to please the emperor.

The game is 'based' in China. The emperor is building the great wall and needs all of your excess cash to build his grand project. But if you don't make enough money, he'll penalize you so that you enter the next level with even less cash.

There's no resource gathering, aside from killing the enemy or raiding (destroying) enemy strongholds. That makes it easier to concentrate on your strategy. The best weapon is the cannon, but can be easily destroyed once an opponent gets close enough. I found the best way to cope was to build several cannons in depth, so that the ones in back can defend the ones in front (preferably from towers). Also, try to position them on hills so that anyone trying to rush the cannons has to slow down, allowing the cannon enough time to decimate even large groups.

For attacking, you probably want to use two cannons and some horsemen to lure others in. Probe with a horseman, drawing attackers into an cannon ambush (preferably from on top of a mountain). But be careful as the AI will turn your horseman around to attack if he gets hit.

The enemy AI isn't all that smart, and the website keeps trying to pop up (or under) ads which is quite annoying. Also, the 2D aspect can make it hard to determine who's who sometimes. But a free flash RTS game is pretty rare and I was able to deal with it. One nice feature is being able to save your game. So you can go back an replay any level you want.

Play Battlefield General at freeworldgroup.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Chick Chick Bom

Chick Chick Boom
Powered by Nintendo, Chick Chick Boom would be better if you saw it on the DS. But if you have a tablet, or are just quick with a mouse, you could enjoy this light-hearted, destroy the rabbit's chicks game.

Draw your weaponry or your defense quickly to win this game. Otherwise, you could run out of chicks fast. Your weaponry consists of hot air balloons, bombs, weights, lightning, and poison mushrooms.

Play Chick Chick Boom at chick-chick-boom