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Monday, April 30, 2007

VR Defender Y3K: Walkthrough

VR Defender Y3K is another tower defense game, this time from armorgames. Place your towers to defend your server from the invading viruses (I might be getting the story line incorrect, but the back story just isn't important).

As with other tower defense games, you have several different types of towers to choose from. Take your pick (if you can afford it), place them strategically, and blow the creeps (viruses) up before they hit the tower (server). There are several different levels; easy, hard, very hard and impossible. The difference is in the map. Both easy and hard have 51 waves to beat. I haven't tried the other two.

Walkthrough: To beat hard, this is what I did: Place two machine guns near the beginning. If you blow up the inset picture, you'll see the first one on the middle left, the second one under the first n in congratulations. Then, I upgraded them both three times (alternating, so there is never more than one level difference between them).

Then I could afford to build a flame thrower on the corner (see picture, under the ti and just below the on in congratulations). By building them on the corner, they could hit the creeps as they were coming and as they were going. Again, I alternated upgrading them to level 3.

At that point, I built a couple of lightning towers. Again, I alternated upgrading them to level 3. Lightning towers have the added ability to freeze creeps for up to 2 seconds. As the creeps get harder, you're going to need more time to kill them off.

Then I started building light towers. I would only upgrade them once, then I would build another one. They have a large enough reach that upgrading them more than that would be a waste of time. These are the towers that do the most damage in my solution.

To finish the game, I would build both lightning (scatter them around) and light towers (in the center). I would upgrade the lightning towers to level 3 and the light towers to level 2. The lightning towers would freeze them, while the light towers would do the most damage. My reasoning for only going to level 2 for the light towers was thus: I could either wait to build up enough money to upgrade to level 3, or I could go ahead and build another tower. I'd rather have another tower sooner, given their long range.

I've seen other solutions involving freezing towers and void tower. I can never get the creeps to bunch up well with the frost towers but, if you're inclined to do it that way, feel free.

Play VR Defender Y3K at armorgames.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloons and More Bloons

More Bloons Death StarBloons and More Bloons (50 more levels) are fun time wasters from fizzlebot. Aim and fire darts in an effort to blow balloons. That way you can move onto the next level and blow even more balloons up.

The monkey holds the dart in his hand. Simply aim with the mouse, then hold down the left mouse button to set your velocity, and let go to fire. Special balloons on each level (I found the pacman balloon particularly funny) help you out.

Bloons came out a short while ago and I spent a fun afternoon working my way through all 50 levels. More Bloons just came out and seems to be 50 more levels that are even more difficult and new specialized balloons. I haven't made my way through all 50 of the new ones, yet. I found the death star (#11, see image) to be particularly difficult.

Update: I'm getting a lot of traffic for people looking for a walkthrough for more bloons. If you're stuck on a particular level, post a comment below. If you leave the password for the level you're stuck on, I'll let you know how I beat it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Galves Adventure Walkthrough

Galves AdventureGalves Adventure is a hapland - like game from the creator of Grow. Get the baby to the top of the level, but make sure he's prepared to take on the lion. Once he takes the lion down, he'll save the baby girl and save the day.

Frustrating to say the least, it's so easy to get stuck in these point and click adventures. I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section, so feel free to help yourself to a less frustrating afternoon.

There are multiple endings possible, so you should keep trying different things if you like this game.

Play Galves Adventure at kotarogame.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Onslaught is another tower defense game. What makes this one different is the graphics, the multiple maps, and the combos. But there's no sound, which is disappointing.

The blue tower is a basic projectile tower. The green tower shoots lasers (at a fairly good rate once it's upgraded). And the red tower shoots missiles over a long range. The red tower won't be as fast, but it does a lot of damage. The blue tower doesn't have a lot of range, but it will fire faster. It's only when you put in the combos when this game differentiates itself.

Line up your three towers so that when their damage is fully upgraded, you can take advantage of their combinations. From BFGs, landmines, poison (which slows the enemy) shots to nukes, you can find lots of combos to make this game fun. My only real issue with this game is the combos that you want are pretty hard to set up.

Or, you can go for a laser tower chain (which I find pretty boring, but it does work).

I also like the tips that come up. They make a lot of sense. You should also really read up on the combos on the how to play page.

Play Onslaught at

Update: This game is still being developed, so each time you play it, you may find different combos work better.

At the moment, you can do very well with several poison combos scattered around the board. After getting slowed to a standstill, the waves of creeps are hit by nukes using a flower arrangement.

The poison combo is set up using a red, blue, green. Extend the range of the red tower to make sure it's the first one to fire. The nuke flower arrangement goes like this. Set a red tower in the middle of six or more blue towers. The red tower (once you extend the range to guarantee it fires first) will throw out a nuke for every two blue towers within range in short order.

See the top right of the inset image to get an idea of what I mean. I have eight blue towers surrounding a red tower that has maximum range. I also surrounded it with damage upgrades. That way I can send out four nukes in quick succession.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Murphys Law 3 and 4 Walkthrough

Murphys Law 4Murphys Law is your chance to play the devil in training. Move things around, hide things, and basically turn one mans big day into his worst day ever through the mischances you set up.

In the Murphys Law 3, the object is to ruin the old mans big day. He's about to be interviewed and your job is to make him come out as bad as possible. Some of the themes are adult, so discretion is advised.

In Murphys Law 4, you're going to ruin the mans haircut and preparation (I think he's a politician).

I'll post walkthroughs in the comments section, so that I don't ruin your experience by giving it all away up here.

Play Murphy's Law 3 at flashgamesite.

Play Murphy's Law 4 at funny-games.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Battlefield General

Battlefield General is an RTS game. Well, it's as close to an RTS game I've seen in a flash game, at least. Build up your troops and attack your enemy. Each level has its own goals. On some, you'll need to fend off attackers, while building up your troop strength so that you can attack their castle. In others, you just need to make enough money to please the emperor.

The game is 'based' in China. The emperor is building the great wall and needs all of your excess cash to build his grand project. But if you don't make enough money, he'll penalize you so that you enter the next level with even less cash.

There's no resource gathering, aside from killing the enemy or raiding (destroying) enemy strongholds. That makes it easier to concentrate on your strategy. The best weapon is the cannon, but can be easily destroyed once an opponent gets close enough. I found the best way to cope was to build several cannons in depth, so that the ones in back can defend the ones in front (preferably from towers). Also, try to position them on hills so that anyone trying to rush the cannons has to slow down, allowing the cannon enough time to decimate even large groups.

For attacking, you probably want to use two cannons and some horsemen to lure others in. Probe with a horseman, drawing attackers into an cannon ambush (preferably from on top of a mountain). But be careful as the AI will turn your horseman around to attack if he gets hit.

The enemy AI isn't all that smart, and the website keeps trying to pop up (or under) ads which is quite annoying. Also, the 2D aspect can make it hard to determine who's who sometimes. But a free flash RTS game is pretty rare and I was able to deal with it. One nice feature is being able to save your game. So you can go back an replay any level you want.

Play Battlefield General at freeworldgroup.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Chick Chick Bom

Chick Chick Boom
Powered by Nintendo, Chick Chick Boom would be better if you saw it on the DS. But if you have a tablet, or are just quick with a mouse, you could enjoy this light-hearted, destroy the rabbit's chicks game.

Draw your weaponry or your defense quickly to win this game. Otherwise, you could run out of chicks fast. Your weaponry consists of hot air balloons, bombs, weights, lightning, and poison mushrooms.

Play Chick Chick Boom at chick-chick-boom