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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Warbears 3 Walkthrough

Warbears 3Warbears, those wacky, smart-aleccy agent bears are back again, only this time it's a real mission. Save the hostages, take out the guards, pop some bubbles, stop the bad err... fish.

If you've played warbears or warbears 2, you know what to do. Follow along and pick out the right moves at the right time by holding your mouse over each bear and trying things out. Or, if you get sick of failing all the time, follow the walkthrough below.

Play Warbears 3 at warbears.

From Checkpoint 1:
Look at the string using agent Lucas (looks like an eyeball, but not the grenade). Pull the string to 'free the hostages.'
Kla scolds Lucas. Get Kla to launch his robot rocket. Select manual and move the rocket above the device lowering the hostages. Drop it on top, then move it quickly back to the left and then back under it to the right and shoot back up into it. If you do it quickly enough (while the red lights are still flashing), then it will tilt. You have saved the hostages! Oil pours down one of the poles, giving Ryoh, once he's free from the hamster ball, access upwards.

Move the rocket back upwards to the red rocket outline. Click on the dot when the rocket gets highlighted blue to land the rocket. The WBOT will deploy. Use KLA's PDA once again to control the WBOT. Move him around using the left mouse button (click where you want him to go), but keep him within the blue outer line, or he will fall and the mission will fail. In the upper left corner, there is a green square. Move onto it and activate the toolbox. Move to the upper right hand (you have to go back down and to the right then back up) to move the chain around. Lower it once, then raise it once, then lower it to 73.

Move the WBOT back down and to the left (just to the left and down from where you started) to the green squares. Raise the crane until you can move it into position 5, then lower it until the boat lifting strops are hooked. Raise it back up and move it to position 1. Then lower it all the way down (the hooks will be below the boat). Get out of controlling the WBOT.

Lucas should now toss his grenade at full strength but half power. Click and hold on the arrow when it is full, then hold it down until the grenade is half full. Ryoh will be set free by the pirhanas!

Move Ryoh up-left (arrow) and when he reaches the top of the pipe, use his katanas to slice the pipe open. Go up the pipe again and start sliding down. As he slides, click on the arrow to get him to jump onto the platform on the right. Use his katanas at full power to cut the chain, starting a fire to attract the pirhana. Have Lucas throw a grenade at half strength (arrow half full, grenade full), but full power to kill them off.

Get Ryoh back onto his bubble, then have him go left (arrow) to attach the boat hooks. Click on the PDA to get the WBOT to raise up the boat (up on the Crane panel).

A couple of notes: the rocket to free the hostages was a pain. Even knowing how to do it, I had to try several times to get it right. Also, having the WBOT fall off the crane several times, I have to say his maneuvering abilities are awful! Then of course, there's throwing a grenade at the hamster wheel. The interface was not very good at keeping track of when I was releasing the grenade, so I kept killing off Ryoh.

Checkpoint 2:
Click on Lucas. He will shake dust off onto the guards. Move right to test the door. Move Kla left and get him to try his PDA. It has short circuited.

Get Ryoh up by clicking on the arrow (move your mouse around near the bottom right). Fight the guard. Move left, then click on the katana to slash the pipe. Look at the gauge. Move the slider to #2. Drag the wheel to the right to fill it up (gas leak will start). Slide over to #3, then drag the wheel to the left and quickly push the handle down. If you get it right, a fire will start.

Move Ryoh left, then up the stairs. Use his katanas to break the laser. Head back down to the gauge and wheel. Move the slider to 3 and get it up half-way. Notice how the screen on the machine next to the lase goes from off to on as its gauge moves into the green. Move Ryoh left and hit the button. Then move upstairs again. If you want, you can hit the button on the panel to send a box out now or wait until after the circuit has been reset.

Move Lucas downstairs. Move right and open up the toilet dispenser fuse box. Take out the fuse. Move right and put the fuse into the crane fuse box.

Have Kla open up his PDA again. Get Ryoh to move a box out. Important! Don't drop any boxes onto Steve! Get Kla to pick up and move the boxes up. Green to turn the magnet on and off. Blue to go pick up a box. Yellow to reposition it when it is up (i.e. don't drop one on Steve!). Move Steve left and up as needed to keep him moving up on the stacks. Keep sending boxes out using Ryoh. Lift them up using Kla, then get Steve up onto them (Again, don't drop any on Steve!). The fourth box will go out upside down. Move Ryoh downstairs and hit the button to get it out of the way. Then reset the conveyer belt and send out another box. Get Steve up into the boat.

Move Steve right into the boat. Pick up the object on the table to the left. Hit the bottom left corner of the poster on the right. Find the 3 pieces of paper and then get the crowbar. Open up the box.

Once in the boat look to the left and pick up the weird object on the table. Then hit the bottom left corner of the poster on the right so steve remembers about the pieces of paper he put the code for the safe on. Then find the 3 pieces and collect the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the box. Grab his clothes off the table.

Get Lucas to move the fuse from the crane to the elevator. Bring Lucas back up to get the 'shiny thing' and the CDGs.

Move Ryoh back down to the gauge and wheel and move the gas into #1. Move Lucas right and up the stairs. Throw a grenade (1/3 power, 1/3 blast). Get Steve to shoot the laser. The remaining guard will run. Open up the water tank, take a shower, then move right.

If you haven't already, get the elevator to work by switching the fuse out of the right most box and into the left most box using Lucas. Move Steve right into the elevator.

Checkpoint Three (short and sweet)

Once Steve is out of the elevator, shoot the guards in between ducking behind the panel. Do it quickly for a bonus. Move left twice to check out the office. Go right to find the door is locked. Go back into the office to get the key. Go back to the door and head downstairs. Take out the guard.

Fight the big guy by hitting near the bottom left (on the blue band) of his helmet. The blue band at the bottom will eventually be damaged.

The machine has been activated. Move the red block so that they are in order (I, II, III) from left to right on the middle row. Have Steve shoot the middle. Move block I to the top left and the III block to the bottom right and shoot the bottom. Then move block I to the bottom left and block III to the top right and shoot the top. You win! (well... sort of...)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop GameCoffee Shop is the latest lemonade stand look alike from armorgames. (That's not to imply that armorgames comes out with look alikes every week, but that I've seen other lemonade stand look alikes before. And if you don't know what I mean by the lemonade stand game, then you must be under the age of 5.). This one is graphically pleasing, with lots of fun animations to find and enjoy.

Like lemonade stand, the challenge is to find the best mixture possible between coffee, sugar, and milk, while still having enough cups each day to serve everyone. After that, it's just a matter of finding the right price to charge depending on the weather.

If you're reputation goes up high enough, maybe even the pope will stop by for a quick drink.

The better your coffee, the more you can sell your coffee for. But for a laugh, on day 14, make the worst cup of coffee you can and sell it for as much as you can. Everyone will still stop by and since you're closing shop tomorrow, it doesn't matter if they all start puking their guts out on the sidewalk.

Play Coffee Shop at armorgames.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cursed Winds

Cursed WindsCursed Winds from freeonlinegames is a fun sailing shooter. Take your pirate ship out and attack the other 'cursed' pirates in 15 levels of mayhem. Either take out the ship below them by blowing it to smithereens or board the vessel and take the crew on (make sure you can take them, or they may just take your ship!). Either way, make sure you plunder their ship before it floats away.

The best strategy is to upgrade your reloading capability first. This applies on every level until its fully upgraded. Then go for upgraded damage and boat speed (avoiding their cannon fire is a priority).

A great way to start a level is to move into the up-right corner. Unless something comes out from the right side (it does happen occasionally on the later levels), you should have a free shot until they turn around and make their way back across.

If you can get above the enemy ships, you also have a free shot, but the slide upwards very quickly, so you may get stuck in a boarding action when you're not ready for it.

If you can get past the second level, you should be alright, but I would still save between every level. Spend all your money in between levels to upgrade your ship.

Play Cursed Winds at freeonlinegames. At admiral level, I had a final score of 854805. Have you beaten that?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


N3wton TanksMore fun than it first appears to be, N3wton is a short and sweet game applying Newtons Laws of Physics. You control a simple tank. Shoot at all the black tanks that are either firing at you or are firing at predetermined angles. Knock them off the platform or get yourself knocked off to lose. Just be careful of the recoil.

To play, move around with the arrow keys or with aswd. Aim and fire with the mouse. The longer you hold down the left mouse button the harder your shot will be, but that also increases the amount of recoil you should expect.

The levels do get harder, but there are only 25 of them. You should be able to finish the game fairly quickly.

Play N3wton at kongregate.