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Friday, September 12, 2008

Light Bot Walkthrough

Light Bot is a fun puzzle game. Simply 'program' your robot to move to each of the blue squares and light it up. You need to learn to be efficient, but each you get two functions along with the main program to play with. So, it's just a matter of learning how to put those repeatable steps into the functions and use those when you can.

If you get stuck, there's a walkthrough below. If you want to try it on your own, play Light Bot at armorgames.


In each level, your program consists of three sections. The Main, function 1 and function 2. The programs you can put in are left, right, forward, light, jump, function1 and function2. I don't claim this is the most efficient to any of the levels, but it will get you by.

Level 1:
Main program: Forward, forward, light
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 2:
Main program: Right, forward, left, forward, forward, forward, forward, left, forward, light
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 3:
Main program: Forward, jump, jump, forward, light, left, forward, light, forward, light.
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 4:
Main program: Forward, jump, jump, forward, right, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, light.
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 5:
Main program: jump, F1, F1, jump, jump, jump, light
Function 1: Forward, forward, forward, light
Function 2:

Level 6:
Main program: F1, right, F1, light, jump, right, F2, right, right, F2, F2
Function 1: forward, jump jump
Function 2: Forward, forward, forward, light

Level 7:
Main program: F2, light, right, forward, right, light, F2
Function 1:forward, light, forward, light, forward, light, forward, light
Function 2: F1, F1

Level 8:
Main program: Jump, forward, light, F2, right, F1, F1, F2, right, F2
Function 1: F2, F2, right
Function 2: Forward, forward, light

Level 9:
Main program: Jump, left, jump, F2
Function 1: jump, light, forward, light, jump, light, right
Function 2: F1, F1, F1, F1

Level 10 (I found this to be the hardest one):
Main program: F1, F2, left, jump, right, F1, F1, F1, F1, left, F2, F1
Function 1: jump, jump, jump, forward, forward, forward, light, right
Function 2: left, jump, left, jump, forward, right, jump

Level 11:
Main program: F1, jump, right, F1, jump, right, F1
Function 1: F2, F2, left, jump, left, F2, F2, right
Function 2: Light, forward, light, forward, light, forward, light, forward

Level 12:
Main program: Forward, jump, light, F1, F1, F1, F2, light
Function 1: Jump, light, Jump, light, jump, light, right
Function 2: Jump, light, jump, light, jump, F1, F1, F1

Friday, May 30, 2008

Applicate ver.0

Applicate Ver.0A new game from the creator of the Grow series is out and it's called Applicate. Very short simple game of dropping apples. There's no directions, but it's not that hard to figure out.

The objective of each of the five levels is to get an apple eye guy (see the image... the apples with eyes in them are apple eye guys) to the door. Every time you click on an apple that is already on the screen, you take a bite out of it, dropping a new apple where the arrow is currently located. If you drop an apple on an uneaten apple, an apple eye guy will appear.

Keep in mind, he will always try walking to the right first. You may need to block his way to get him to turn around and go back to the doorway.

It sounds weird, but the graphics are as good as always. If you need any hints, ask below in the comments and I'll try to walk you through each level.

With only five levels, this is a short game to play if you're interested.

Play Applicate Ver.0 at eyezmaze.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brute Wars

Brute WarsBrute Wars is a pretty good RPG game just released on kongregate. Pick your team of brutes (animals) making sure to balance your magical prowess as well as your brute force. Then get out there and conquer the castles in an attempt to reach mount Asio.

Really, the story line isn't all that exciting, nor is it all that pertinent to the game play.
Just put together the best team you can. You'll have to take into account several different factors to advance.

First, there's a front and a back line. Keep your power hitters up front, and your distance hitters in back. But if someone's taking a beating, it's helpful to have another power hitter to switch in for him.

You only get so many actions a turn, so replacing someone in the front line may use up all your actions for a turn. Later on in the game, you'll have more actions per turn to play with, making it easier to switch men in and out.

The gameplay is not intuitive, so read through the directions.

Magical spells are stronger if you have more of the same type of character (water, fire, brute, etc...) But it also makes it more likely you could go up against someone who's in a great position to hit you in your weak point. I liked to balance things out more.

You can replace some of your characters by getting to a shop and buying a randomizer. That's the only way to get shadow creatures. This option will not be available right away.

You can travel back over spots you've already fought for to engage in random battles and build up points to buy food, syringes (to wake up those dozing creatures -- they've been knocked out) and randomizers. You also need the points to buy the upgrades (treasure chests on the map).

Play Brute Wars at kongregate.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet In Ver.0 Walkthrough

Meet In Ver.0The famous author of the Grow series is back with a new game after a prolonged sickness (I'm glad to see he's feeling better!). The new game, Meet In, is like his other puzzle games, but also unlike them. It's cute, short and fun, but definitely has the same feeling to it as his other games.

For a complete walkthrough, look below, but in the meantime, go play!

Play Meet In Ver.0 at eyezmaze.


In the first box, I'm going to label this one dad. The second box (top right) is going to be mom. The bottom left is baby and the bottom right is kid.

Move the baby onto the blue button. Mom is now free to move down into the hedge maze. Move her onto the button at the bottom of the maze.

Switch to dad and move him onto the moving platform that mom just engaged (just head south in the hedge maze). Move the baby onto the other button on it's screen to move dad to the other side.

Move dad to the right and sit on the bottom of the two buttons to change the stone maze the kid is in. Keep switching the stone maze back and forth and moving the kid around until he is free and in the upper left corner. Move the kid up until he steps on the orange button to remove the orange square for dad to pass through.

Dad can step on the green button to remove the green obstruction from the kids way. Have the kid step on the purple button to remove the purple block from the baby's way.

Dad, kid and baby can now enter the room with MEET on the floor. Place each of them on their respective color to allow mom to enter as well. Switch to mom and bring her in and put her on the final T. You Win!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Life Ark

The Life ArkA point and click adventure, the Life Ark puts you in charge of developing life on a planet. Develop life through fire, water, alien life forms and big old teapots.

Like Grow, Warbears and Sprout, the objective is to click on the right things in the right order. The actions will take place automatically and you will soon have a green and lush forest along with all the animals (two by two) on your planet to enjoy. But if you click on them in the wrong order, your trees will die off, your little helpers (men) will pass out from the heat, and basically you'll just have to reset and start over.

That is, unless, you were willing to use the walkthrough below.

Play the Life Ark at freeworldgroup.


The Life ArkClick on the tablet (in the middle of the ground). Choose the right symbol. Note the small circles or triangles or spots or whatever it appears to be that move around the card as you move from card to card. Just complete the pattern. An outlet appears where the tablet was.

Click on the cord hanging from the cloud to get it to start moving. When it's over the outlet, click on the cord again. Click on the outlet. When the cloud gets charged up (turns black), click on the plug to release it.

Click on the cord again to move the cloud over the rock in the volcano. Click on the rock. Click on the door in the mountain. Hit the button in the center until both disks have the fire at the top.

Click on the fire (left side of volcano). The cloud may have floated around. Move it over the mountain again. Click on the steam clouds (circles) floating up.

After the cloud absorbs enough water (turns dark gray), move the cloud out over the pond. Click on the pond to dump some water.

Click on the trees to get an apple to fall. Click on the cave. Click on the apple to get the man to eat it (apple of knowledge). Click on the man (his head) to turn it into an radio signal.

When the spaceship arrives, click on the cave again. Click on the river to get the new man to move the water over to the plant to help it grow. Click on the plant to climb up and get the blue gem.

Click on the fire to change the teapot into another UFO. Click on the picture of the UFO. Click on the read teapot, then on the hatch on the boat. Solve the puzzle (similar to the first one).


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warlords: Call to Arms

Warlords Call to ArmsWarlords is a strategy war game that just isn't all that strategic. Build your army one guy at a time and send him across the board. The bigger your guy is, the longer it takes for him to be sent. The number of men (or demons or elves or ...) you can build is very impressive.

Unfortunately, as I already said, this game isn't that hard to beat. Here's how to do it in 4 steps

1) Always choose the hardest level to beat. While it may make sense to beat the easier levels first, it actually makes it harder in the long run as the difficulty increases with each level. Buying upgrades is nice, but not key to winning.

2) Set your options to auto release. Either that or get used to holding the space bar down.

3) Send 95% of your guys along one row (as you can see from the picture).

4) Select charge when you can.

And that's it. You'll beat every level by overwhelming that one row of attackers. The only exception is when you face off against the troll giants, as they can stomp right along that one row. In that level, just send your speediest guys along every row (in other words, spread out your attack).

By beating the harder levels first, you'll have an easier time completing the game at the end.

I had fun playing this game, it's too bad I figured out such an easy way to beat it. Playing as the demons isn't all that different from playing with any other race, so I'm not sure how much of a
reward they are.

Play Warlords: Call to Arms at kongregate.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

boxhead the zombie warsBoxhead, that zombie shooting series has it's fifth game out and this one just keeps getting tougher and better. In Zombie Wars, you have more weapons, more zombies, more of everything waiting for you in this shooter.

This game is tough. The number of zombies quickly gets out of hand. You need to learn how to react quickly, strategize (barrels, barricades, etc...) and more within the first few levels or else you will be dead and buried before you know it.

There are plenty of battlefields to choose from, but it all comes down to your reaction time.

Play Boxhead: the Zombie Wars at kongregate.

Update: Now that I've played this game for a few weeks, I have a few pointers and tips. First, the basics.

There are two scenarios as you start out. On the left side is the basic, and on the right side is defense. They are the same game, it's just the 'defense' is how things should look for you after a five or six rounds (if only a little bit neater). You have a defense set up, with turrets and barricades. You also have access to some more weaponry (as if you had worked your way through the earlier rounds).

The difficulty ratings also place you further along. It's as if you start off at round 10, instead of round 1. You have access to more weapons, but the demons are already out to get you. So if you're a newbie, place at beginner until you can get past the first few rounds. Then up the difficulty. It's as if you're restarting at a later level.

Scenarios. The scenarios don't really matter all that much to me. Different landscape doesn't really affect gameplay all that much. The smaller the field, the faster you have to deal with the hordes that come upon you. Also, you don't want to get trapped behind your defensive bulwarks, so the direction they come at you isn't all that important either.

Basic walkthrough strategy: Set up a defensive perimeter using turrets and barricades. Place more turrets and barricades as you can. Replace those that fall. Other than that, stay outside of your own perimeter and blast away. If you stop for even a moment, the devils will flame you to death. It only takes two quick shots from them to finish you off. Plus, you need to get out there and pick up the boxes to restock and replace your health. With a good defensive perimeter, you can last for a very long time. Once I have a good setup going, the only reason I lose is because I end up setting turrets around myself, trapping myself.

Barrel laying is great. If you start laying out barrels in a trail behind you and set them off (or they get set off by the turrets or by the devils), you can lay waste to hordes at a time. It's also great as a more offensive weapon. Once the barrels are placed behind you, they can set off the next one in line (sort of like dominoes). If you keep running ahead and placing more barrels, you can basically charge into a crowd and clear them out with explosions.

The minigun is great at clearing out a line, but I find it hard to select it. Instead, I usually use the barrels then the shotgun (once it's been sufficiently upgraded). The air strike is fun (it will clear the whole screen). The handgun is actually quite useful for a while, but won't help once it becomes too crowded.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Even More Bloons

Even More BloonsIn case you didn't get enough out of Bloons and More Bloons followed up by Bloons World and then by Bloons Tower Defense and Bloons Tower Defense 2, now Ninja Kiwi has released Even More Bloons for your entertainment.

Aim with your mouse, and hold down the left button to set the power. One nice addition is the last shot (power and angle) will be shown so that you can adjust accordingly. One annoying things is how the clouds float by, making it harder to judge where you left your last shot when you have to try again. The later levels can be very, very tough to complete.

I'm not going to post a walkthrough for this one in the comments, but you can certainly ask me if you get stuck anywhere. I'll be happy to help you out, as long as I've figured out how to do it.

I find Bloons to be very frustrating, but I keep going back for more. How about you?

With more bloon types and more levels to work your way through, if you enjoyed Bloons, you will enjoy Even More Bloons at ninjakiwi.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grow Nano vol 3 Walkthrough

Grow Nano Vol3Asking for forgiveness, the creator of the Grow series has released a small and easy Grow game, Nano Vol3 for us to enjoy.

In this Grow, you are trying your best to heal up the main character who has been injured. Click on the six items to help him out. If you do it in the right order, the items will be maxed out.

So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy it!

Play Grow Nano Vol 3 at eyezmaze.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments below.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vector TD 2

Vector TD 2If you played Vector TD or TDx, then you've played Vector TD 2. In other words, it's not really worthy of it's own review, other than to mention a couple of changes.

There are more types of games, with a normal, time attack, lightning and a puzzle/sandbox mode. Normal mode sends out the creeps as per normal. Destroy each wave, then set up for the next wave. Time attack keeps sending creeps out. Your objective is to keep going as long as you can. Lightning speeds up the vectors (creeps) and the puzzle/sandbox mode gives you 50,000 to start with and two bonuses, but that's it. In other words, you can try out various strategies for each of the new maps.

There are new maps to conquer, and if you liked Vector TD you'll like Vector TD 2 because it's the same game. I guess since they called it TD 2 I was expecting more, but ...

Play Vector TD 2 at candystand.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Protector Tower Defense

Protector Tower DefenseProtector tries to be a RPG and Tower Defense Game rolled into one. While it doesn't really succed at being an RPG, it has enough elements to make it a very good TD.

Place your units throughout the board to stop the oncoming hordes. Let too many get by you and it's lights out. Place your units wisely and you can win any board. Place them poorly and you're sure to lose.

There are five basic units red (splash damage), blue (slow), green (poison), purple (electrocute: debuff), and dexer (high damage land based attach). There are four more advanced units: alchemist (splash damage, land only), archer (high damage against flyers, but not land), necromancer (high damage, but based on number of kills) and paladin (high damage land attack).

Your units earn XP based on how many times they attack and do damage to an enemy. You can't level a unit up unless he has enough experience, adding a new twist onto the level up/money equation. Because of that, it may be a good idea to build up the back of your maze first, then start building up the front. Otherwise the units in front will get all the xp and the ones in back will be very inexperienced in the later rounds.

There are two basic types of enemies: flyers and land based. Keep in mind that dexers and paladins cannot hit flyers.

Basic strategy involves a lot of red mages, with a green mage and/or a blue mage near the entrance. Keep in mind that effects are not cumlutative, so it's not worth stacking a bunch of blue mages. Also, don't put a lower level green in front of a higher level one, because if an enemy unit is still being affected by the lower level mage, it won't take on the higher level mage's effects.

When leveling your units up, you can choose to level up their special attack (recommended at least first two or three levels, otherwise you don't have the special attack) or the general expertise (much stronger basic attack).

Once you beat a map, you can get skills such as lower cost of units, more damage, faster learning (more xp), etc... You can always reset the skills you have chosen, which means you can try building up a superarmy of red mages, then try a more moderate 'spread the skills around' strategy without any penalty. Your skills also unlock the more advanced units.

All in all, this is a pretty good TD game. It can be slow at times, but with many maps (I haven't worked my way through all of them, yet), you should be able to find a map you find challenging. It is probably worth working your way through the easier maps (medium level) first, allowing you to build up your skills for the harder maps.

Play Protector at Kongregate.

Update: It seems a lot of people are landing here looking for a FAQ, walkthrough, or some details on the more advanced units. If you have a question, leave a comment. I'll try my best to answer it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Multball Madness

Multiball MadnessMultiball madness is a mindless time wasting fun game from armor games. Simple game play with addictive "I can do better than that" will get you playing again and again.

Simply keep your paddle under the balls and clear out the path ahead. Reminds me of breakout, but not quite. More like juggling madness.

The longer you last, the more balls will appear. The only way to die is to run your paddle up against a block, so be careful. It's more important to keep as many balls flying around than it is to aim any particular one.

Play multiball madness at armorgames.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Filler the GameI've been playing Filler for the past few days and despite it's simplicity, I'm still having fun. The objective is simple enough, fill in 2/3 of the box with your balls and you get to move on. Get hit by the balls flying around and you lose a life. Lose too many lives and it's game over.

To play, hold down the left mouse button. A 'filler ball' will begin to expand at that point until you let go of the button. Don't get hit by the 'flying balls' (ever play jezzball or qiz?). You can move your filler ball around by moving the mouse around while it is expanding.

If your filler ball hits another filler, it will stop growing. Walls do not stop the growth, while the flying balls kill it off. (I think the flying balls hit the filler balls too soon. It can be very frustrating, so err on the side of caution.) Once the filler ball is finished (you let it go), it will drop down to the bottom of the screen. The filler balls are not static and will bounce around, or be pushed off to the side. It's very hard to build up a 'wall' that you can work behind. It can be done, but it's not easy and it really isn't worth trying since the wall will just fall down a few moments later anyways.

Another tactic may be to just build hundreds of small filler balls until you get to the 66.6% mark, but you only have a limited number of filler balls to make. Once you run out, the game is not over, but you lose a life for every ball you create from that point on, so it's not a great strategy.

Instead, try to make your filler balls as big as you can when you can. Smaller filler balls can be used later on in each level to fill up those spaces, or just to make room. A great strategy is to work in the upper corners. Create a ball, let it drop away and then start making a new one. The first one you built will act as a shield allowing you to build the second one. As long as you wait a moment for the first one to start dropping away, you should be fine.

Play Filler at Kongregate.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Flash Element TD 2

Flash Element TD 2Normally, when I'm disappointed or bored after a few minutes, I don't post about a game I've been playing. But given that this is a tower defense game and I normally like these games, I'm willing to talk about Flash Element TD 2, even if it is disappointing.

Like most tower defense games, your job is to place towers along the pathway to fire down on the creeps as they pass by. Your objective is to protect the goal, whether it's a castle or a city or whatever. This time, you're protecting your elements, the objects you need to build the towers in the first place.

There are five elements (green, purple, yellow, red and blue) that you use to build your towers (arrow, splash, sniper, fire and ice, respectively). If you've played other tower defense games, you understand what each tower does. There are two levels of towers for each element. The second level is a whole lot better, but they are also a lot more expensive.

Once placed on the field, each tower can be upgraded to level 5 allowing it do more damage (or slow the creeps down more). Each tower also has the ability to build up experience (up to level 4), giving it a slight edge.

There are 50 levels on the easy map. The best part of this game is the quips the creeps give just before they come forward and just after they die (I like the 'meep meep' from the yellows). After each level, you get interest payments, so you should try not to spend all of your money.

You can also sell your towers at 100% buy back, but only in between levels. If you sell them during the fight, you can only sell them at 80%. Which means you can totally redesign your tower placement in between levels at almost no penalty (you lose the experience your towers build up).

But despite some changes in the game play (experience, being able to sell the guns at 100% buy back in between levels), I felt bored. The levels weren't that challenging. It seems the creators want you to play again and again in an effort to build your score up. After playing Flash Element TD, I expected more from the sequel than what we've been given.

Play Flash Element TD 2 at casualcollective.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Warbears: An A.R. X-Mas Walkthrough

Warbears an A.R. X-MASWarbears, an A.R. X-Mas Adventure lets you take charge of the Warbears once more, but this time it's serious. Kla is on a shopping adventure and Steve is on a mission to pull the ultimate prank.

Like the other warbear adventures, this is a point and click adventure with a little bit of wit and weirdness thrown in to keep things interesting. Click on anything and everything to work your way through the adventure. Don't forget to open up your inventory (top left) and combine the various items and try them out on other objects to move along. If you get stuck, there's a walkthrough below:

Play Warbears: An A.R. X-Mas at

Walkthrough (Spoilers below!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Pick up the gift. Click on the fur scan on the far right. Go talk to Bob. Click on the fur scan again.

Go up and grab the batteries and the neon wires. You can't find the wires, though. Open up your inventory and click on the present. Click on the goggles and then on Kla to put them on. Click on the goggles (up in the inventory) to turn them on.

Click on E-dude, then on find item. Grab the wires.

Cut Scene

You are now Steve. Open Kla's wallet. Grab the taser and the BTE map. Give both to Bob (one at a time) to buy them. Go outside. Go to the far right to go off screen. Click on the bank (green highlight on the map).

Walk into the bank.

Play as Kla. Click on the far left to get the red thread (behind the cliff). Click on the blue thread (looks like a box to me?). Click on the virtual tree across the way. Talk to e-dude and get him to cut down the tree.

Grab the green thread after it bounces out of the tree. Go up the cliff, then jump down onto the tree. Head on over to the right side.

Play as Steve. Leave the bank screen to the right. Click on the park.

Talk to granps. Try Plan A and Plan B. Click on the locker. Look at the circuit panel. Head back to Bob's shop.

Talk to Bob: click on I want to order and choose the nuclear device. Open up the toolbox while Bob's gone (Be quick about it). Repeat the process (order another nuclear device) to get Bob out of the way long enough to grab the screwdriver. GO back to the park.

Open the circuit board with the screwdriver. Use the taser on it circuit. Talk to granps and select plan c. Use the taser on the circuit again. Head on over to the bank and talk to granps.

Go back to Bobs and grab the hacking device. Give it to Bob to purchase it with your reward money. Use the hacking device on the door upstairs (panel next to the door). Go in the door.

Play as Kla. Place the threads into the boxes below the tree in the following order (red, green, and blue) as the tree lights up in those colors.

Play as Steve: Pick up the wires, batteries and neon lights. Connect the wires to the neon lights. Connect those to the batteries.

Kla defeates the evil spirit of X-mas. Click on Get out of here.

The end (or is it?)