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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Life Ark

The Life ArkA point and click adventure, the Life Ark puts you in charge of developing life on a planet. Develop life through fire, water, alien life forms and big old teapots.

Like Grow, Warbears and Sprout, the objective is to click on the right things in the right order. The actions will take place automatically and you will soon have a green and lush forest along with all the animals (two by two) on your planet to enjoy. But if you click on them in the wrong order, your trees will die off, your little helpers (men) will pass out from the heat, and basically you'll just have to reset and start over.

That is, unless, you were willing to use the walkthrough below.

Play the Life Ark at freeworldgroup.


The Life ArkClick on the tablet (in the middle of the ground). Choose the right symbol. Note the small circles or triangles or spots or whatever it appears to be that move around the card as you move from card to card. Just complete the pattern. An outlet appears where the tablet was.

Click on the cord hanging from the cloud to get it to start moving. When it's over the outlet, click on the cord again. Click on the outlet. When the cloud gets charged up (turns black), click on the plug to release it.

Click on the cord again to move the cloud over the rock in the volcano. Click on the rock. Click on the door in the mountain. Hit the button in the center until both disks have the fire at the top.

Click on the fire (left side of volcano). The cloud may have floated around. Move it over the mountain again. Click on the steam clouds (circles) floating up.

After the cloud absorbs enough water (turns dark gray), move the cloud out over the pond. Click on the pond to dump some water.

Click on the trees to get an apple to fall. Click on the cave. Click on the apple to get the man to eat it (apple of knowledge). Click on the man (his head) to turn it into an radio signal.

When the spaceship arrives, click on the cave again. Click on the river to get the new man to move the water over to the plant to help it grow. Click on the plant to climb up and get the blue gem.

Click on the fire to change the teapot into another UFO. Click on the picture of the UFO. Click on the read teapot, then on the hatch on the boat. Solve the puzzle (similar to the first one).



  1. The whole game is played between animals and trees is good to play...

  2. Very frustrating before you get the feel of it. But after getting over that hump, the storyline runs smoothly.

  3. Anonymous2:28 AM

    .-. There is no steam coming to the cloud for me