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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy 4 Jigsaws

Unsolved Jigsaw PuzzleI got an e-mail from someone asking me to review the site crazy4jigsaws, and I ended up liking the site, so here's my review.

Crazy 4 Jigsaws is a jigsaw puzzle site. There are plenty of jigsaws to play with high resolution pictures that are pleasant to look at. Each photo can be cut up into little jigsaw pieces, anywhere from 12 to 192 pieces for you to play with.

Move the pieces around with your mouse. When you find a matching piece, let go of the button and it will lock up together automatically. If you register, the time it takes for you to solve the puzzle will be stored and your name can be entered into the high score table for bragging rights. But even if you don't register, your time will affect the 'average time' shown.

I have a critique of the 'average time' shown. It's nice to compare yourself to others, but I was interrupted a few times while solving puzzles, so my time was obviously inflated with down time. That can severely affect the average, especially while the site is new and there are so few people there.

Unlike a lot of gaming sites, I was comfortable showing this one to a toddler, so I would say it's family friendly.

Solve jigsaw puzzles online at crazy4jigsaws

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tactics 100 Live

Tactics Live 100Tactics 100 Live is a tactical strategy game similar to chess, but set in a fantasy world. Set up your army using 100 points spread across up to 10 pieces to take on your opponent with. Play the single player walkthrough or go head to head against a live opponent.

You play on a 7x7 board and start off facing your opponent. But things can quickly get out of hand if you choose to charge ahead with some of your pieces. Your starting army can consist of wizards, knights, archers and healers.

Play the single player version a few times and play around with your army. You can take the balanced default army straight through the 10 levels in the single player game, but it's only be experimenting with the various upgrades that you can really have fun with this game. Will you upgrade a few to their highest level? Do you want another archer, or do you want the healers abilities? Maybe you want to try out your luck with just wizards on your side?

I'm really enjoying this game. The strategic possibilities are just fascinating.

Some things you should keep in mind. Hitting from the side or back can pay off. But exposing your own backside to a knight can be deadly. Wizards chain reactions can be really useful, but without upgrading his damage potential, hitting the fourth opponent for only 2 points may not be worth it. Knights are great for both dealing and taking damage. Use them for buffers to protect your wizards and/or archers. Archers are cheap and don't do a lot of damage, but they are very mobile (and cheap).

It is possible to beat all ten levels in the single player without losing a life, but you may need to restart a level (without a penalty) to do it. Sometimes luck plays a part, too.

Play Tactics 100 Live at kongregate.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Grow Island Walkthrough

Grow Island Ufo EndingGrow Island continues the fun and exciting games from On at eyezmaze. It is being used to promote the SHIBAURA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, a college information site and so it is not located on the eyezmaze site.

Like the other games in the grow series, your job is to figure out the best order to place new objects onto the field. In this case, the objects are courses of learning. While I think you should go ahead and try different things in an attempt to find the various endings (there are multiple), I'll provide a walkthrough for the basic ending and UFO ending below.

Play Grow Island at shingakunet.

UFO Walkthrough:

  1. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering,
  2. Civil engineering,
  3. Architecture,
  4. Computer science,
  5. Electrical Engineering,
  6. Mechanical engineering,
  7. Applied Chemistry,
  8. Environmental engineering,
Basic Walkthrough:
  1. Mechanical engineering,
  2. Civil engineering,
  3. Architecture,
  4. Environmental engineering,
  5. Aeronautics, marine, automotive engineering,
  6. Electrical Engineering,
  7. Computer science,
  8. Applied Chemistry

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shield Defense

Shield DefenseShield Defense is a tower defense game, but with a fun twist. You can't shoot back. Your only offense is a good defense, because you can only use your shield to rebound the shots coming in on you.

That makes it a lot more difficult to play and think about. You need to concentrate on your defensive skills more than in other games. Every 3, 4 or 5 rounds (depends on the skill level you choose at the beginning) you get a bonus point. Use those bonus points for bonus upgrades, rather than regular upgrades which cost money.

In between levels, you can upgrade your shield using the money you collect from blowing up the bad guys. Just don't spend all your money because any money you have left over earns interest in between rounds.

Hints and Tips
Get the antimatter shield (cost of three bonus points). At the later levels, you'll be facing fire from several different directions and you can't block them all. Heat seekers is another great upgrade (again, 3 bonus points). After that, increase the interest rate.

Play Shield Defense at Kongregate.