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Friday, December 15, 2006

Reindeer Tipping

Reindeer Tipping puts you in control of Ebenigma Scrooge in his quest to find joy and happiness by tipping reindeer. And not just any reindeer, but Santas own team of reindeer.

Travel around the pen (arrow keys) and each time one of the luckless reindeer fall asleep, come at them from above or below to knock them over. Keep Scrooge happy by avoiding any of the bazooka shots from those relentless penguins. Oh, and if Santa catches you, it's lights out.

Tip: Ruffling Rudolph is worth twice as much as any other deer!

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Play Reindeer Tipping at reindeertipping.

My thanks to JIG for pointing this one out.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bowmaster Prelude

Bowmaster Prelude successfully merges strategy, shooting and action into one fun and exciting (if long) game. 30 levels of shooting action, while your knights, horses, archers and priests take the field against your enemy. If you like the original bowmaster, you'll like this prelude.

Take charge of the hero archer with his magical bow. Upgrade your weapon, or recruit more forces to take the field. Help out your men by shooting the enemy, but be careful... You can hit your own guys.

Tips and other help: There are several options for shooting: From auto aim to drag and shoot. Take your pick, but don't worry. You won't be stuck with it. Keep track of what kind of damage each type of arrow does. Any ice creatures (white) react poorly to fire (red) and vice-versa. Flying enemies are a pain, but don't do as much damage (unless you totally ignore them). Each level ends when you capture their flag, or you defeat all waves.

I prefer to destroy the opposing castle as quickly as I can. It gives you a better field of fire as the wave of opponents enters the screen. His archers tend to hide behind it, too.

You only gain xp and gold by shooting with your basic arrow. So keep going back to it. You'll need the money for upgrades and your xp needs to go up in order for your hero to level up so he's capable of doing more damage. Head shots do more damage, but you may want to avoid them in the first few levels. Killing in two shots gives you more money and more xp.

On level 30, the big guy (shown in the picture) is invulnerable until he raises his axe (shoot him in the belly) or when he takes off his helmet (hit him with an exploding arrow to knock him over).

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Play Bowmaster Prelude at lostvectors.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Grow V.1 Walkthrough

Grow v1 is up and running and it's just as fun as the rest of them have been. Make your selection between the two options and if you get them in the right order, you'll get the world you see in the picture I've included here.

If you make different choices, you'll still win as you work your way through the many optional endings you can find.

I'll include the walkthrough to get the congratulations message in the comments below.

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Play Grow v1 at eyezmaze.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Matrix Rampage

Matrix Rampage is a simple arcade action. Shoot everyone else on the screen. Jump up and down within the building, destroying it as you go. Pick up any weapons and medical supplies as you go along. All this just to live as long as you can.

a is your action (hit/shoot/swing your sword) key. s to pick up an object. Move around with the arrow keys, including jumping up and down levels. Double move left or right to speed your way across.

Tips: Keep moving around the building. Meds pop up randomly throughout, so you want to go find them. Also, if something is thrown at you, you can hit it out of the air if you have a katana or stick.

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Play Matrix Rampage at gamebrew.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tower Defence

Tower Defence is a strategic game in which you place turrets throughout the playing field in your best effort to defend your citizens from the invading dots. You have several choices in turrets, and depending on which turret you pick, you may only get so far.

Each wave of attackers is that much harder to kill. So it's not enough to build a bunch of small turrets. Each turret must be carefully placed to take advantage of its strength. For instance, fire may hit hard at lower levels, but water can shoot farther.

Probably the hardest defend your castle game I've played. I can only get in the low 70s for a score. How about you?

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Play Tower Defence at jeannettevejarano.

Monday, December 04, 2006

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve is a fun zombie shooter/defend your castle game. You'll probably get sick of the 'brains....', 'death', and 'ahhhhh....' from the various undead coming at you. But that's ok. You can always turn the sound down.

Pick your weaponry carefully. I was trying the molotov cocktails out at a later stage in the game and almost got trampled because of the slow reload. It may do a lot of damage, but the frag grenades are so much better. Also, the Uzi is key. Despite it's lower damage, 30 rounds is hard to turn your nose up at.

Take head shots. They do more damage. Oh... there is a zombie without a head, however. Kind of disorienting after training yourself to only shoot at the head. You can buy several upgrades to the auto repair. It's probably the most useful defense you can get.

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Play All Hallows Eve at gamesbob.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tenacious D - Guitar Hero

Tenacious D, Devil May Cry Guitar Hero tribute is just plain hard. Hitting the right notes at the right time can leave you swearing in frustration. Make it right and you'll rock the house.

Hit the notes (sparks) as they pass by using the asdf keys along with the space bar. In other words, set the note with the right key, then press the space bar to strum the guitar at the right time. When the spark meter fills up, strum all four chords at once to enter righteous mode (earn double points).

Oh, and if you want to fill up the meter faster, smack the uvula around with the mouse (that's if you have a third hand).

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Play Tenacious D, Guitar Hero at tenaciousd.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grow V1

Grow V1 is said to be done, but has not been released, yet. In the meantime, he's created a nice christmas card for all to share.

I'll keep you posted as soon as he releases the new grow game.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mario Bros Unlimited

The lates clone of Mario Bros is out. What makes this one different is the unlimited possibilities for gameplay. Each level is created randomly, allowing you to play forever... That is if you don't mind losing your job, your spouse and your kids.

Controls are basic (although they feel backwards). Use the arrow keys to manuever Mario, while s and a control your jumping and 'fire/speed up'.

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Play Mario Bros at mojang.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos Walkthrough

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos is a 3d adventure point and click adventure/puzzle game. Make your way among the four islands in an effort to fix the climate chaos (unruly weather) by solving the mystery of the islands.

This is a fun puzzle solving game set in a nice, but limited 3D world. Traveling between the islands can take a while, but the music and graphics are pretty good for a flash game.

There's a tutorial at the beginning to give you the basics on how to interact with the other characters. Conversations are difficult to understand, since they are in pictures, but the basic message will get through.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section below. If you want more of a hints type of walkthrough, you can look here. Not all of the steps are laid out, but you'll get there eventually.

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Play Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos at armorgames.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Rings is a new type of solitaire game based on the old childhood game of, you guessed it, rings. Place the rings in order from largest to smallest while avoiding any small to large combinations and you can go far. Mess up once, however, and it's game over.

The rings come out from the center. Make sure the new rings lands on an empty spot, or a spot with a larger ring underneath. Then, build up your ring towers from largest to smallest (green, red, blue, yellow) for the largest number of points. Any towers with yellow at the top will be eliminated. So blue, yellow will count, even if there is a green ring underneath it (the green ring will not go away).

Keep up your speed and you should be fine.

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Play Rings at kaiparasoft.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Amplitude takes you (the ball) through 10 worlds, 100 levels and 2 bosses to the end. And if you think it's easy, think again. While some of the levels leave you wondering why they even bothered, those are the ones that get you addicted. You start thinking "this is easy" so when it becomes more difficult, you keep on trying to make it through.

Controls are simple, and the gameplay is just as basic. Avoid hitting any of the walls, while you run over various objects that can help you (or hinder you) on your way through.

Break through walls, blast away others, blow walls up or blow yourself up to do the same thing, teleportation, perspective changes, etc... All these add up to make this a challenging, difficult game.

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Play Amplitude at vivalagames.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dr 3I V3

Dr3I V3 is the best mouse avoidance game I've played. Flash based, you need to avoid the walls and other objects in order to get to your goals.

But this avoidance game is tricky. First, the field is moving, making it a side-scrolling game. Second, you need to collect all the + and - dots on the screen. These dots affect the gameplay, however. The pluses will speed up the moving objects, while the negatives, slow them down. And then there's the beast.

The beast is a gaseous cloud that chases you down. So, you're never able to sit still and wait. You will be kept moving (probably in circles) and more importantly, you won't be able to just move into some small crawl spaces, since the beast will trap you inside. Oh, and did I mention every time you hit a plus sign, the beast will get faster and bigger? Negative signs have the opposite affect.

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Play Dr3I V3 at mach-parat.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Scribble is the latest game from Nitrome and like Sandman, reminds me of Lemmings. This time, however, you need to draw in bridges, use the drawing as a wick to blow things, trap your enemies, etc... (You'll understand that sentence after you've played. If you liked Lemmings or sandman, you'll like this game.

But having said that, if you played sandman, some of these levels will seem awfully familiar to you. It doesn't make it any less fun, but ... The graphics are fun, the blots are funny and the music is lighthearted (although after 20 levels, you may want to shut it off).

Hints: Sometimes, despite the multiple flags, you only need to get all the blots to one flag. So don't worry about it.

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Play Scribble at nitrome (or miniclip).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Fans of the classic snake game will enjoy this updated version. More realistic with more of a slithery feel, this version of snake may put shivers down your spine as you race around eating the mice, growing bigger and bigger. Just avoid your own tail and you'll be fine.

One minor thing I would ask for is sound. If you're going to put in all this time updating a classic like this, why not put in some sound, either background music or sound effects would have been nice.

One tip: the live mouse can be hard to spot. Keep your eyes open and look carefully for your next meal.

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Play Snake at markfennel.

Monday, November 13, 2006

3D missile in a tunnel game

Pilot your missile down a tunnel through the various obstacles. Speed and obstacles vary, and you only have a limited number of chances to work your way through. So, be careful out there.

Fly your missile by moving the mouse around. The qualifier was so easy, I was caught unprepared when I tried to ease my way through the first level. Your learning curve has to be high to make it through.

Overall, it's similar to other make your way through the tunnel games, but that doesn't make it any less fun. The music is right, the graphics are simple, and the movement is smooth. I had fun playing it.

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Play tunnel (3D missile game) at ???.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Aggressive Attack

Aggressive attack is a vampire killling game. Chase down those pesky nuts in capes and kill them, before they kill you.

You have a group of hunters at your disposal (you get more hunters each level). This allows to separate them into subgroups, bringing in some opportunity for small group tactics (but not much).

Use the left mouse button to point out where you want your hunters to go. Use the mouse to aim and the space bar to fire. Vampires tend to stay hidden until you get close, so move cautiously.

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Play Aggressive Attack at armorgames.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hyper Sphere

Move your hyper sphere through the maze to collect the crystals in order to eliminate the virus that has taken over the space station. Unfortunately, the virus has control of the defenses and is actively trying to stop you.

While a simple flash game, this should keep you occupied for some minutes. Avoiding the different 'obstacles', guns, etc... gets harder as you move along.

Control your sphere using the arrow keys. Try to stay on the pathways, as each time you are knocked off, you have to restart from the last checkpoint.

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Play Hyper Sphere at 2dplay.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Snowball at Armor Games

Snowball is a competition game. Build the biggest snowball you can by rolling it down the hill. The bigger it becomes the better your record. But, as it gets bigger, it becomes a lot harder to control.

As you first start out, it will be real easy to avoid everything (and you have to). But as your snowball gets bigger, it gets harder to move from side to side. Luckily, once your snowball is bigger than an object, it can just absorb it, with some exceptions. Houses and trees will not be absorbed. Instead, they'll break your snowball ending the game.

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Play Snowball at Armor Games.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Catapult your avatar as far as you can go. Set the launch angle and stopper, then guide your little guy safely down using a parachute. Or, if you feel like it, you can set your guy to plow for 200 yards through the ground.

Set your launch angle by holding down the space bar (twice). The first sets your launch speed, the second sets your launch angle. Then guide your guy as he flies through the air using the left and right arrows. To get some real distance, 'bounce' off the purple clouds using the up arrow.

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Play Catapult at vivalagames.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Halloween Hunt

Halloween Hunt has brought you back from the dead 10 years after you were murdered by your father. Have you come back for revenge? Forgiveness? To win the competition for best costume by wearing a pumpkin for a head?

A nice adventure RPG game. Whenever you get stuck, level up by going back and beating up some lower level monsters. Buy new skills, talents and magic spells. One really nice feature: you can turn up the random battle generator when you want to level up, and turn it way down when you just want to get to point B without a lot of fuss.

Some nice 'haunted' music along with final fantasy type battles make this a worthwhile game to waste some halloween time with.

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Play Halloween Hunt at armorgames.

Monday, October 30, 2006

1 vs 100

Do you know which of the rice krispies gang always wears a hat? Or how about the main characters name in Old Man in the Sea? What type of do is snoopy, anyways? If so, you're probably already watching 1 vs 100 on NBC. Now go play it.

No strategy will get you through the first time around, but if you keep playing the questions will repeat themselves. So work your way up to the grand prize of a million dollars.

The timer is annoying when you're trying to figure out who your father's mother's daughters son is.

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Play 1 vs 100 at nbc.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Feel like getting fragged in an online first person shooter (FPS)? Then phosphur may be the game for you. Five different weapons with headshot capability should keep you occupied for a while.

Phosphur is written on SHockwave 3D, so make sure your computer can handle the drag time. Jump with the space key, move around with wasd keys. Look around and fire= with your mouse.

This is the first public beta, but multiplayer is supported. So get in there and frag someone.
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Play at rasterwerks.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Invasion of the Halloween Monsters

The Invasion of the Halloween Monsters is a nice (if corny) intro to the halloween season. Play as Dr Schwartz and help out the local kids as all of their candy has been stolen by the halloween monsters. Use your gravity gun to take out the monsters and collect the candy.

Bats, mini-monsters and zombies will come after you in wave after wave. Use your gravity gun to throw the mini-monsters in the air to kill them (and to get the **&^@*&$! bats), who are too 'quick' to hit with your gravity gun. Rip off the heads of the zombies and slam them into the ground to get rid of them. You can also pull off one of their arms to throw at the bats. Sometimes, the mini-monsters break up into smaller monsters, giving your more ammo to throw at the bats.

Once the monster dies, he may leave behind a health bottle or candy. So collect them all to move on to the next level.

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Play Invasion of the Halloween Monsters at ungrounded.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Star Wars Rescue

There are three levels to Star Wars Rescue. Finish them all if you can, just so you can see the cheesy ending.

Star Wars Rescue is a side scrolling shooter, with very little to recommend it, except that its Star Wars. Avoid getting hit in level 1 and you can pass on (not a lot of points, but hey...) Level two requires some sharp shooting as you need to destroy the buzz droids attacking obi-wans ship. Level three requires avoidance of the super droids fire as you rescue Palpatine.

Switch weapons using the space bar, control your ship with the mouse and fire with the left mouse button.

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Play Star Wars Rescue at

Monday, October 23, 2006

Pixel Blaster

Pixel Blaster brings together all the fun things you remember about shooting games from the arcade. Blast away with your mouse at anything that moves, while racing around the battlefield (circle). Your enemies will keep coming after you in wave after wave of intense action.

Control your ship with the arrow keys or aswd keys. Use the mouse to aim and charge your laser. P to pause, space bar to brake and q for a shield.

You may end up circling around and around, but that's not a great strategy in later levels. Because every time you circle around, you'll end up with more enemies close up. Learn how to navigate successfully around the shots coming in at you (including homing missiles) and you'll be better off. Also, shots can curve away, so aim carefully.

When you get all of your enemies lined up, use the charger to blast multiple fighters at a time. The bosses take a while to take down, so be careful to conserve your energy and health for the big battles.

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Play Pixel Blaster at thorgaming.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Jeu Chiant

Jeu Chiant (also called double jeu) is a balancing act. Keep the larger ball on the larger paddle below, while keeping the smaller ball up in the air (similar to breakout) using the smaller paddle. The object is to keep going for as long as you can.

It's very easy to send the larger ball flying off the end racing to get the smaller ball. This game, despite its simplistic nature, requires some foresight and planning to last longer than just a few seconds.

I haven't decided if it's addicting, yet. What do you think?

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Play Jeu Chiant at zanorg.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump has you jumping out of a tree (you are the rodent) and bouncing off a conveniently located trampoline. Set your angle and velocity to land as close to the target as you can.

You get three jumps in each attempt to come in first place for that league. Fail to come in first and you end up repeating the jump. There are six leagues to beat before you become champion.

There are three other (computer) rodents jumping with you each time. And there's nothing more frustrating than landing on the target and being bumped off it by one of them.

The different surfaces (that you land on) react differently, necessitating a change in strategy with each league. For some, you might want to set your angle higher, and for others you'll want to skip along at a lower angle.

BTW, your points depend on two things. What your average distance from the target was on the successful try to move on and how many attempts you needed to beat each league.

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Play Rodent Tree Jump at bubblebox.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sound Factory

Sound Factory lets you make music your way. Using instruments found in a tire factory, it's your self-appointed job to entertain your coworkers as they make their way through their boring day. Oh, but don't forget to fill your quota while you're at it. Unlock all the instruments and your boss won't bother you any more about that quota, either.

Your first instrument is the tires your supposed to be inflating. Over-inflate the tires, making them explode in rhythmic delight to set the base for your musical score. Some instruments are harder than others to get going.

If the boss walks through, shut down all the instruments as quickly as you can, otherwise, he'll kill all the fun (and you have to start the day over). Shut them down using their respective pictures at the bottom of the screen. It's a quick one click shut off. Getting them re-started is just as easy.

To unlock the instruments, you need to please your coworkers. It's not that hard, although the instruments where you pick the notes can be a little tricky. But, even though I have no ear for music, I was able to pass through fairly quickly. It only takes three working days to unlock all the instruments then you can make your music your way for as long as you like.

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Play Sound Factory at MTV. My thanks go to Jayisgames for finding this game.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Air Monkey

Air Monkey is a one button game. Help the monkey get to the club house by jumping from line to line.

Instructions are about as easy as you can get. Use the left mouse button to release and jump to the next swinging rope. There's not much strategy to this game. Hint: Jump in the direction of more ropes. If you miss your target, you may grab another one as you fall.

This game is good for those few odd moments when you absolutely don't want to think about anything.

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Play Air Monkey at nationlocation.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Find Frank a Job

While technically not a game, Find Frank a Job is amusing enough to play for a little while. Pick Frank up and drop him on the different locations, giving him a new job each time. Then, after something goes horribly wrong, save Frank and move him onto the next job.

It's basically an ad for a job placement company, but very amusing to play around with for a while.

Frank gets a job as a mechanic, scientist, bug zapper, boy scout leader, seal trainer, etc...

So get over there and Find Frank a Job.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spectral Wizard

Spectral Wizard is the latest side scrolling adventure game from Miniclip. Re-colorize the world after your evil nephew turns everything into black and white using your spell book. Then go kick evil nephew butt.

Spectral Wizard is similar to previous adventure games from Miniclip, like David. Controls are straightforward. Use x to jump, z to hit, spacebar to 'do' things (pick up, drop, read signs, etc...). Use the left and right arrow keys to move around. Tab to get into and out of your spellbook/inventory.

You need to collect the colored spheres on each level and return them to the machine. Unfortunately, you can only pick up one sphere at a time. The spells make life easier, but take time to reload. And it takes time and experience to learn new spells (certain items need to be found, too).

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Play Spectral Wizard at miniclip.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission is a side scrolling shooting adventure. Free the hostages from the crazed military forces that have them imprisoned in tiny cages. Pick up weapon upgrades along the way to make your life easier.

Tip: Learn how to dodge effectively. When the guy with the dynamite throws a stick, it may be better to charge forward under the throw than to try to back off. Also, if you free all the hostages (stars in the upper left keep track of hown many you have freed on each level) you get a free life.

This game is similar to games like A.L.I.A.S. (ALIAS 3), so if you liked that game, you'll probably like this game, although I would have to rate ALIAS higher.
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Play Rescue Mission at gamesheep.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Levers poses the question of how good you are at balancing things. Keep all the objects on the hangers up out of the water for a certain amount of time by balancing them against each other.

I like the water jug. You can add or release water by holding the mouse over the lever. But otherwise, this game gets very difficult, very quickly. You have to balance the weight and the height of each object. Each time another one is added, you may need to rearrange all the objects you just balanced out.

Warning, can be addictive.

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Play levers at vivalagames.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Unfold the wires so that no line intercepts another. Move the dots with your mouse. Each level gets progressively harder to solve.

Will you be able to unfold the wires?

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Play unfolding at funny-city.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


De-Animator is a nice shoot the zombie flash game. With a six shooter, defend yourself against the hordes of oncoming zombies. The best part of this is the graphics, so take a close look at the details.

It's not enough just to fire in the right direction. You need to put the pointer on your target to hit with any kind of reliability, so make sure to aim before you fire. Also, it takes an extra click to reload, so keep track of how many shots you have left, and make sure to reload before the next zombie appears.

Once you get the hang of it, you should last a while, but more and more zombies will start to appear, making it harder to take them all down before they get to you. Tip: Zombies coming up out of the ground seem to be more vulnerable to a one-shot kill.

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Play De-Animator at artscool.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Red is a defend your turret game. But instead of blowing up the targets, you need to deflect them away from your gun. Keep an eye on your ammo level and your bonus turrets. Plenty of bonuses float around so take aim and make your job easier.

You can pick up a shield, extra turrets, bigger shots, etc... through bonuses that float around. You don't need to knock the balls (meteorites?) off the field of play, they just need to miss you. Also, you won't run out of ammo, but when the ammo gets to the bottom, your rate of fire will slow.

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Play Red at gamegecko.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Keyway is a simple puzzle game. Simply hit the right key when it's highlighted and you can continue. Make too many mistakes and the games over.

These seemingly simple games are always the most frustrating and most addictive. All you have to do is hit one of the arrow keys or the space bar when the symbol is active. But it's very easy to get yourself into a pattern, leading you to hit the wrong key.

You have 100 seconds to complete all 20 sequences. You get 10 seconds back for every level you complete, 5 second penalty for every mistake you make.

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Play Keyway at tonypa.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Armor Heroes 2

Take your paladin, jester and drow on a multi-level side scrolling adventure. Use each character to his best ability, otherwise you won't last long.

For a side scrolling fighter, this game brings some nice complexity to an old genre. Each hero you control has their own weaknesses and strengths (paladin is good against the undead, but the drow is best against riders, and the jester is best against armored enemies).

In between levels, you can advance your characters based on how much money you collect on each level. So pick up the extra cash as you go along. You're going to need it to keep going.

Tips and other helpful hints: The paladins special attack is actually a healing spell for himself. Also, being on a horse or dinosaur isn't always helpful. I actually preferred being on foot most of the time.

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Play Armor Heroes 2 at armorgames.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Tanked Up

Tanked up is the newest game from miniclip created by nitrome. Race around the track in tanks. Either shoot your way to victory, or let the track blow up your opponents. But either way, you still need to be the first to cross the finish line.

It takes time to master aiming, shooting and driving at the same time. Do yourself a favor and concentrate on the driving. The best strategy is to get in front, then stay there. Once you fall too far behind, you probably won't be able to catch up.

Don't get caught up in any pile-ups. The AI in the other tanks aim for you first. Also, don't get caught up in a one-on-one firefight. It's a losing proposition, even if you do blow up the other tank (and it takes a long time to blow up a tank), the other racers will have finished by the time you're done.

The first few levels are easy to beat, but once the track starts taking aim at you, it becomes harder to finish.

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Play Tanked Up at miniclip.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is a gladiator fighting game. Build your customizable character up the way you want to. Arm and armour him and then place him in the ring to fight his way up the ladder.

What I like about this game is the customisation possibilities. Your character is definitely your own. You can also create leagues, but with a brand new game you aren't going to see many others online, yet.

What I don't like. Once you're dead, you have to start over from the beginning. I can understand losing something, falling back a few levels. But to work your way up through the riff-raff again is a real pain.

Tips: It seems building up your strength at first is really important, but I haven't played enough to truly determine a great strategy. You'll have to find it on your own.

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Play Swords and Sandals at playaholics.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Orbus is an RPG game from gamegarage (I have the link from freeonlinegames). Choose your character and play through the adventure. A side-scrolling adenture that will keep you entertained for a little while at least.

It's an interesting set of characters. Choose from a fighter, alchemist, traitor and jester. Each has his own attacks, strengths and weaknesses. But each is amusing in their own way.

Use a and s to hit your enemies (left and right arm). d is your action key (talk, pick up, go up ladders). Use the arrow keys to move around, and the down arrow to use your special attack (I kept trying to duck and ended up wasting all my manna). f opens up your inventory, while g lets you look at your stats.

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Monday, September 25, 2006


Ellipsis is a defend yourself center game with blocks. Just shoot any blocks that fly around the screen, making sure none of them run into your circle that starts out in the center.

Strangely addicting, this game is a slight twist on an old type of 'defense' game. Your circle will be beset by various blocks ranging from the those that are just plain hard to see, those that are hard to hit (avoids your mouse), quick moving, shatter into 10 new targets, etc... There are even some blocks that will start pulling you out of the middle (closer you get to the sides, the harder it becomes to shoot down the blocks before they get to you.

Hint: If you want an easier game, turn off the 'debris' with the small button on the top right. Without the debris to distract you, you'll have an easier time picking your targets.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Airport Security at Shockwave

Airport security is a lot harder than it looks. Keep up with the long lines and quick changing security risks and you may last longer than a two minutes in this game from shockwave. But don't think for a moment it's going to be easy. Changes to the airport security rules will start drive you mad as you tell a person to proceed with their pants on, just as pants are ruled a security risk, giving you a bad rep.

As each person comes through, you need to check their baggage for any 'risky' items. You also have to clear each person (usually taking off some bit of clothing at the same time). Keep track of the items that have been deemed security risks, but don't take away anything that isn't on the list.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sling lets you play as a blob of goo. Your job is to retrieve the element of slime stolen from your world by thieves from another dimension. You do this by following them through the maze of the other dimension, hopping from 'grab' to 'grab'. Avoid the bad guys, turn all the grabs green and then get back to the warp point to move on to the next level.

This is quite a fun little game, with funny interludes and amusing voice overs. With 50 levels to conquer, you could be playing for a long time.

There's a nice tutorial at the beginning to get you started.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

3D Roll On

3D Roll on is a marbles game with nice 3D graphics and smooth (if repetitive) sound. Get your marble to the goal, picking up any bonuses that come along, while avoiding the warps, spin outs and other traps.

The 3D graphics are great for a flash game. Wonderful detailed background images distract you from the simple, but challenging gameplay. This is a game that can teach you about patience, so take it slow and get it right.

This is a trial version, with a full 50 level game you can purchase. I wasn't tempted to do so.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Panic is space invaders with a twist. Shoot down the targets without letting them hit you. The faster they are moving and the higher they are when you hit them, the more points you get.

This is a casual, quick game to play. There's not much to it. Use the mouse to control your fighter. Move under the moving targets and fire when they are near to the top of the screen to score well. In each level, more targets will appear. Don't expect to get beyone level 13 or 14 if you're lucky.

The graphics are simple, the music is retro. All in all, not a bad game to waste a few minutes with, but you probably won't play more than a few times.

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Monday, September 18, 2006


Infect the red blood cells as quickly as you can to move on to the next level. You control a virus attacking the body. You want to increase your ability to reproduce and defend yourself against the white blood cells who want nothing more than to eliminate you from the blood stream you have infected.

It's a pretty simple game with a straightforward objective. Simply move your virus onto a red blood cell to infect it. Your objective each level is to infect x number to move on. In between levels, you can upgrade your virus capability to defend itself, damage others, or reproduce.

The soundtrack is fun and the graphics are nice (not stellar, but what do you want from a flash game?). You may become addicted.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

RC Time Trial

RC Time Trial pits you agains the clock as you race around the garden in your back yard. Build up your RC to your specs and then get out there and race.

I'm not sure how if how you build your car makes a difference except in its looks, so choose what you like. The controls (arrow keys) are almost too responsive. I found myself overcompensating on turns again and again in an effort to stay on the track. In order to score, you have to finish the laps in under 3 minutes, so race faster!

This is a time trial, so I kept looking for shortcuts. I haven't found any that work. Sometimes the jumps aren't worth it (except for fun). It may be easier to just race around them instead.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Onslaught Invasion: Shoot the little army guys

Onslaught Invasion: Shoot the little army guys is a well designed shooter. Your being invaded by little army guys and its up to you to defend the beach. Defend your spot against the hordes of invading army men, planes, tanks, etc...

I really enjoyed playing this shooter, but the little quote that pops up fairly often got annoying after awhile. I was hoping to find a button to shut off just the quote, and leave all the other sound effects.

The planes don't necessarily shoot at you, so if you're feeling cramped by the invading men, choose wisely. If it drops a bomb, you can still shoot it down before it hits you. Also, you can sink the ships dropping off the men if you hit it enough. They are tough nuts to crack, but you can do it.

Use the mouse to aim and fire. Each level gets progressively harder, so don't expect it to last forever.

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