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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Castle Wars

Castle WarsCastle Wars is a card game, similar to arcomage or magic. Your job is to build up your castle and/or destroy your opponents castle. You do so by attacking, building, casting spells, etc...

The graphics and sound are pretty basic, but the strategy is interesting. There is a chat and multiplayer is possible or you can play against the computer at beginner or advanced level.

Each round starts off by increasing your resources. There are three types: bricks, weapons and crystals. For every builder, soldier or magic you have, you get one of each resource. Then you play one card from your hand (eight cards are in your hand). That card costs X amount of resources. Any cards that you can play, i.e. you have enough resources to do so, will be highlighted. If you can't play a card, or if you choose not to, you will need to discard instead (hold the ctrl button and click on the card you wish to discard).

If you build your castle up to 100 or reduce your opponents castle to 0, you win the game.

Hints and Tips:
Build up your resources in the beginning rather than trying to attack or build up your own castle. I don't believe you can rush attack or be destroyed quickly enough to make it worthwhile. Instead, try to play the soldier, school, or magician cards early on. If you can, build up your crystal stores as much as you can.

The Curse card subtracts one from each category and adds one to each category and is extremely powerful. Think about it. If you are suddenly taking in 4 resources each round, while your opponent is limited to 1...

Play Castle Wars at kongregate.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Eye Defence

Eye DefenceEye Defence is a mixture of grow, hapland and defend your castle. You control a gross eye thing (their wording, not mine) from hordes of mechanical soldiers. That's a fairly good description if by hordes, they mean about a dozen. There are only three levels, and despite how frustrating it is to figure out a good way to win, I wanted more by the end.

Place the various items that pop up in your inventory onto your gross eye thing. By placing them in the right place at the right time, you can defend yourself from the attackers. Place them in the wrong place, shoot at the wrong time, or just make one mistake and its game over.

The nice part about having to start over, however, you don't have to go back to level one. You just restart on the level you're on.

Hint, the rotational devices can be placed on the eye or at the end of the sticks. By combining them, you can reach pretty far and cover a wide area. Also, on level two, the flame throwing thing with the pointed ears takes a few hits before it goes down. To get past him, you'll need to hit him multiple times, probably with two different saws. Also, if you're trying to rely on the rockets that fly around to hit your enemies, you're on the wrong track.

If you're stuck, there's a nice walkthrough posted by will7303 at jayisgames. I needed the help to get through level 2 because I didn't think about how to combine the sticks with the rotational devices. I was trying to rely on the rockets, which left me short when the ufo flew by and dropped its bomb on me.

Play Eye Defence at foon.

BTW, you do know what SNOITALUTARGNOC means, right?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Potion Panic

Potion PanicPotion Panic is similar to other 'defend your castle' games in which your object is to defend yourself from the oncoming enemies. This time you're defending yourself from oncoming skeletons, spiders, slugs and later on some giants.

You defend yourself using various types of mixtures from the blue, red and yellow vats above you. Then you fire the concoction at your enemies by aiming and setting the power with your mouse. When your bomb lands, it will do damage based on what type of bomb you built.

The thing is, however, I found this game boring and so I kept getting diverted trying to do something different. Eventually, because I was distracted and not trying all that hard to kill off the charging enemies, my wall would fall and one of the spiders would get close enough to kill me off. What I like about the other defend your castle games is the ability to upgrade your 'castle' and eliminate yourself from the equation except for the really hard boss types. You can't do that here. Also, although I never got there, this game ends after x levels (it's either 30 or 42 depending on the source).

The only thing going for it is the experimentation you can do to try different methods of burning, exploding, poisoning etc... But really, it's not that fascinating. Try as I might, I can't get excited over killing the oncoming hordes using a poison shot rather than a fireball or an acid ball.

Various attempts at building something new and I came up with the following:
explosions: 2-1-1 or 13-9-4 works well. Does some nice damage and gets you through the first levels.
Poison: 1:2:2 (1-2-3 gives you a nice purple poison cloud and is effective for many levels. But doesn't work as well against the white skeletons or red spiders).
acid: 5-20-10 is effective against the witch because it sticks to her.
flames: 3-3-3: flames were the most effective for me, doing the most damage and was basically capable of killing anything with little fuss.

The more potion you use, the more you have to pay to replace it, which is why 1-2-3 works so well. You won't have to buy any more potion since it uses up so little. You'll be able to upgrade (I recommend the flames and the quick reload).

BTW, your wall gets fully healed in between rounds, so don't worry about the damage it takes. Unless it fully falls in which case set your cannon to fire 100-100-100 for full damage full spread fire. And don't miss.

Hint: Listen to the sound effects. You'll be able to tell what's about to come at you if you pay attention. That allows you to switch your mixture to whatever you feel is most effective. Also, you can buy potions and switch your mixture while the game is paused (space bar), so take advantage of that.

Play Potion Panic at ninjakiwi.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mindfields 2 - The Russian Tundra Walkthrough

MindfieldsMindfields 2: The Russion Tundra Walkthrough is a nice diversion. Although the soundtrack is awful and they really should have given you the option of turning it off, I still thought it was a good puzzle game.

Place various objects (turn signals, shooting squares, or transports) to guide your tank through each battlefield. You may have to eliminate some enemy tanks, time your way past some electrical fields, or just puzzle your way through a long path.

I'll post a walkthrough in the comments section in case you get stuck trying to make your way through the eighteen levels. Some were easy, others were really hard. But still fun.

Play Mindfields 2 at gamesheep.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sea of Fire

Sea of Fire is a strategy game from armorgames. I feel like I've played this game before but I can't remember what it was called.

Build up your base on just seven possible spots. The best strategy is to build up your defense, either through defensive gun enplacements and/or building your airforce to keep your opponent down, while building up your money supply. As soon as you have enough money rolling in, take out your defensive buildings and start building your factories and such.

Do yourself a favor and conquer the outer island first before striking across the mainland. In fact, do it in this order. Take the territory with the gold resource so that you can build up your finances, then the oil. Then move west to the end of the outer island. Then move south to finish the outer regions. Then strike at the mainland. You can take the capital whenever you get close enough to it, but that ends the game.

BTW, make sure you build an anti-missile laser as soon as you are able to as part of your defensive scheme. There's nothing worse than losing half your base to a missile.

Overall, not much of a game, but strategy games are few and far between.

Play Sea of Fire at fpflashfarm.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


luminaraLuminara is a clone of geometry wars, with all the eye-splitting fireworks that go along with it. The music is fun, the gameplay is simple, and the action is fierce.

You are circle in the midst of oncoming squares, triangles and circles. Use your mouse to aim and shoot (just hold the mouse button down) your enemies before they close in on you. Each attacker has their own style, from random movement up to charging right at you. Some will break apart and come at you in smaller pieces while others will work together to come after you. You can dodge using the arrow keys or the wasd keys.

As I said, the gameplay is simple, and there are only 50 levels to beat (they go very quickly). My second time through I beat the game and got 572,345 points. It's not very challenging, but served as a nice break (hint: try not to move around too much. Its too easy to lose track of your guy in the mess).

Play Luminara at armorgames.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Slitherlink CorrectSlitherlink Wrong SolutionSlitherlink is a tough puzzle game based on a Japanese paper logic game. Draw one line along the edges of the squares so that each box that is marked with a number has the correct number of lines passing it by. So, if the box has a three in it, that box should have three of its four edges covered by a line to solve the puzzle.

No figure eights, no loops (except for the big one) and you have to draw your line on the edges. Keep in mind you can block off edges by using shift and the left mouse button to put an x on that edge. Its a very useful tool for helping you picture the solution.

See the picture... I've made a mistake somewhere and can't finish the one on the left, as is. On the right, I've made my corrections and finished this puzzle. On to the next!

Quite addicting and frustrating at the same time. There are 75 puzzles in all, 25 easy, 25 medium and 25 hard. I'm having trouble getting through the easy ones.

Unfortunately, the game does not save your progress for you, but you can figure out where you left off last time.

Play slitherlink at vgreality. Thanks to JIG for finding this fun puzzler.