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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brute Wars

Brute WarsBrute Wars is a pretty good RPG game just released on kongregate. Pick your team of brutes (animals) making sure to balance your magical prowess as well as your brute force. Then get out there and conquer the castles in an attempt to reach mount Asio.

Really, the story line isn't all that exciting, nor is it all that pertinent to the game play.
Just put together the best team you can. You'll have to take into account several different factors to advance.

First, there's a front and a back line. Keep your power hitters up front, and your distance hitters in back. But if someone's taking a beating, it's helpful to have another power hitter to switch in for him.

You only get so many actions a turn, so replacing someone in the front line may use up all your actions for a turn. Later on in the game, you'll have more actions per turn to play with, making it easier to switch men in and out.

The gameplay is not intuitive, so read through the directions.

Magical spells are stronger if you have more of the same type of character (water, fire, brute, etc...) But it also makes it more likely you could go up against someone who's in a great position to hit you in your weak point. I liked to balance things out more.

You can replace some of your characters by getting to a shop and buying a randomizer. That's the only way to get shadow creatures. This option will not be available right away.

You can travel back over spots you've already fought for to engage in random battles and build up points to buy food, syringes (to wake up those dozing creatures -- they've been knocked out) and randomizers. You also need the points to buy the upgrades (treasure chests on the map).

Play Brute Wars at kongregate.

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