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Friday, September 12, 2008

Light Bot Walkthrough

Light Bot is a fun puzzle game. Simply 'program' your robot to move to each of the blue squares and light it up. You need to learn to be efficient, but each you get two functions along with the main program to play with. So, it's just a matter of learning how to put those repeatable steps into the functions and use those when you can.

If you get stuck, there's a walkthrough below. If you want to try it on your own, play Light Bot at armorgames.


In each level, your program consists of three sections. The Main, function 1 and function 2. The programs you can put in are left, right, forward, light, jump, function1 and function2. I don't claim this is the most efficient to any of the levels, but it will get you by.

Level 1:
Main program: Forward, forward, light
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 2:
Main program: Right, forward, left, forward, forward, forward, forward, left, forward, light
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 3:
Main program: Forward, jump, jump, forward, light, left, forward, light, forward, light.
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 4:
Main program: Forward, jump, jump, forward, right, forward, forward, forward, forward, forward, light.
Function 1:
Function 2:

Level 5:
Main program: jump, F1, F1, jump, jump, jump, light
Function 1: Forward, forward, forward, light
Function 2:

Level 6:
Main program: F1, right, F1, light, jump, right, F2, right, right, F2, F2
Function 1: forward, jump jump
Function 2: Forward, forward, forward, light

Level 7:
Main program: F2, light, right, forward, right, light, F2
Function 1:forward, light, forward, light, forward, light, forward, light
Function 2: F1, F1

Level 8:
Main program: Jump, forward, light, F2, right, F1, F1, F2, right, F2
Function 1: F2, F2, right
Function 2: Forward, forward, light

Level 9:
Main program: Jump, left, jump, F2
Function 1: jump, light, forward, light, jump, light, right
Function 2: F1, F1, F1, F1

Level 10 (I found this to be the hardest one):
Main program: F1, F2, left, jump, right, F1, F1, F1, F1, left, F2, F1
Function 1: jump, jump, jump, forward, forward, forward, light, right
Function 2: left, jump, left, jump, forward, right, jump

Level 11:
Main program: F1, jump, right, F1, jump, right, F1
Function 1: F2, F2, left, jump, left, F2, F2, right
Function 2: Light, forward, light, forward, light, forward, light, forward

Level 12:
Main program: Forward, jump, light, F1, F1, F1, F2, light
Function 1: Jump, light, Jump, light, jump, light, right
Function 2: Jump, light, jump, light, jump, F1, F1, F1


  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Wow, that's quite an inspiring and different game.

    I like it.

    Thanks fo rthe walkthrough, too.

  2. It's a very funny puzzle game.....

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I needed to look at the walkthrough a lot

  4. Anonymous4:07 PM

    uuh the one for 12 is a little bit wrong

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  6. Hi Every man,
    I haven't been reviewing games for a while, but if I did, I would have added in Mafia Wars by now. I was playing it for quite a while, but I found the repetitive action wasn't really getting me anywhere.

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    ANyway, I will leave the reveiwing to you, and refrain from tooting our own horn :D

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    BattleDawn Administration

  8. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Ok, I'm gonna give Light Bot a try. I'll keep you updated on my opinion. thanks for thr walkthrough!

  9. Anonymous6:27 AM

    hmh, this site lokes some kind of ... dead :(

  10. Wow, I am actually into puzzle all thanks to your blog post. Keep up the good work.

  11. Anonymous9:01 AM

    level 9 dont work