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Friday, May 05, 2006

ATV Madness

ATV Madness is a nice racing game for ATV's. Take a ride on a nice graphical package, and try to beat your computer controlled opponent to the finish line. But that shouldn't be all you try to do. Perform some aerial tricks for the crowd and get bonus points for each successful trick.

For each level you beat, you can pick a new driver, get a new course, and you can try a new trick. The graphics are nice, although the engine noises started to sound like a bee buzzing around my ears, they're pretty good too.

I've heard of branding a game to your site, but it got a little bit ridiculous with this game. Everywhere you looked was the 'rcade' button. But overall, it doesn't really detract from the gameplay.

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Play ATV Madness at rcade.

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