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Friday, May 26, 2006

Warp Forest

Warp Forest is very similar to games like Orbox B for a reason. They are puzzle games designed by the same person (according to jayisgames).

This puzzle game is similar to other 'find the key to unlock the warp point', but it does have some fun twists. Drive around in your car with the arrow keys. Straighten yourself out vertically, horizontally, or diagonally by hitting the d key. Shoot the odd shaped keys to get missiles capable of hurting the monsters that get in your way.

Hints: Some doors will need to be unlocked, others will close behind you and will need to be unlocked again. Some monsters need to be removed, but others do not. Plan out your next step, but don't worry too much as you can always restart a level. Shields (bubbles?) will cause any shots at you to bounce back to their target, but don't assume these reflections will kill the monster off. Some monster require several hits to be destroyed.

I enjoyed the music for a while, but eventually had to turn it off.

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Play Warp Forest at gamebalance.

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