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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Short Circuit

Short circuit is a mouse dodger game I saw on Fark. Dodge the asterisks as they fall from the top with your mouse pointer (shaped like a lightbulb).

This game is harder than it first looks. The pattern changes, the asterisks change shape, the music makes you tense up, etc...

On each level, the music gives a good indication of what's happening now, but doesn't really help you predict when the next difficult thing is going to occur. I'm having trouble explaining this game in general terms, so here's a specific instance. The music will change and the asterisks will be attracted to you, so make sure you have plenty of space around you at all times.

You can 'deflect' the asterisks (move them away from you) by clicking on the left mouse button, but this 'power' doesn't last very long. You're best served to save this for emergency purposes.

What gets me is when I can barely see the asterisks coming as they start blending into the background. I managed to score 8700 points and I have to admit, I may not go back to try again. Its just too frustrating.

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