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Thursday, February 09, 2006


Alpha attack pits you against an alien invasion force, complete with bombing runs, spaceships and ... zeppelins?

If you feel like practicing your typing skills, this is the game for you. Protect your city from the bombs by punching in the right letter for each bomb. If there's a bomb with a letter 'B', then hit the 'B' key. In some levels, the bombs will have numbers instead. I found those to be easier, since you can use the number pad.

Tips: The zeppelins are destroyed by typing in numbers, but it doesn't matter to the zeppelin which order the numbers are typed in. But, your score for destroying it is.
If the numbers are 138, and you type 831, you'll get 831 points.

Also, the farther you let the bombs fall, the higher your possible score for destroying each individual bomb (up to 100). Just don't let them hit your buildings.

Accuracy counts, so don't just mash away at the keyboard.

Play Alpha Attack at miniclip.

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