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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Undead the Mistletoe

Undead the Mistletoe places you at the Christmas party at ACME Inc. Everything was going well until the evil Doctor Drako spiked the party punch, temporarily turning the staff into zombies! It's up to you to save the day. On each floor of the building you'll find one of the letters A N T I D O T and E. Collect each one in turn and take the lift to the next floor. Collect all eight to win the game. Collect presents on the way for extra points, and work fast because there's a time bonus! Good luck.

This is a cute, short game that should entertain you for a while. Try to avoid jumping up into the zombies (which I find a litte unfair... You can't jump through the floor above you, but you can die if the zombie is there).

Play Undead the Mistletoe at 3form.

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