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Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Metal Slug

New Metal Slug is a great shooter, with tense exciting music. It's based on the Metal Gear series, hence the name. Free the old men for bonus items and better weapons. By the way, your up close and personal weapon of choice is a large skillet pan.

New Metal Slug is a great game. If I were rating games, this would get a 5/5 for an online flash game. The directions are in japanese, so good luck trying to figure out the menu items. Just keep clicking on things until you can start the game.

The controls are simple, W for move/aim left, A for duck/aim down, W for aim up, D for move/aim right. Use J to shoot, K to jump and L to throw a grenade (if you have one).

Play New Metal Slug at theflashgames.

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