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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mission at Dawn

Mission at Dawn (shockwave) puts you in control of a rescue chopper. There's an SOS at dawn. Despite the fog, your mission is to pick up the capsized souls slowly freezing in the atlantic, just off the coast.

Mission at Dawn has some great 3D graphics, but is lacking in some realism. Don't worry about the ship's spars, for instance, catching onto your rescue bin (space bar to lower). Just keep your chopper hovering over the people, and you should be fine. You can only rescure 4 people at a time, so head back to the base, drop them off (just land... the people magically disappear) and head back out.

Hints: look carefully around the ship for survivors, the ship can block them from view.

Play Mission at Dawn at arcadebin.com or Mission at Dawn at freeonlinegames.com

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  1. Does anyone know who developed Mission at Dawn?

  2. VPI developed it according to freeonlinegames.