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Monday, October 02, 2006

Armor Heroes 2

Take your paladin, jester and drow on a multi-level side scrolling adventure. Use each character to his best ability, otherwise you won't last long.

For a side scrolling fighter, this game brings some nice complexity to an old genre. Each hero you control has their own weaknesses and strengths (paladin is good against the undead, but the drow is best against riders, and the jester is best against armored enemies).

In between levels, you can advance your characters based on how much money you collect on each level. So pick up the extra cash as you go along. You're going to need it to keep going.

Tips and other helpful hints: The paladins special attack is actually a healing spell for himself. Also, being on a horse or dinosaur isn't always helpful. I actually preferred being on foot most of the time.

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