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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pixel Blaster

Pixel Blaster brings together all the fun things you remember about shooting games from the arcade. Blast away with your mouse at anything that moves, while racing around the battlefield (circle). Your enemies will keep coming after you in wave after wave of intense action.

Control your ship with the arrow keys or aswd keys. Use the mouse to aim and charge your laser. P to pause, space bar to brake and q for a shield.

You may end up circling around and around, but that's not a great strategy in later levels. Because every time you circle around, you'll end up with more enemies close up. Learn how to navigate successfully around the shots coming in at you (including homing missiles) and you'll be better off. Also, shots can curve away, so aim carefully.

When you get all of your enemies lined up, use the charger to blast multiple fighters at a time. The bosses take a while to take down, so be careful to conserve your energy and health for the big battles.

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