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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sound Factory

Sound Factory lets you make music your way. Using instruments found in a tire factory, it's your self-appointed job to entertain your coworkers as they make their way through their boring day. Oh, but don't forget to fill your quota while you're at it. Unlock all the instruments and your boss won't bother you any more about that quota, either.

Your first instrument is the tires your supposed to be inflating. Over-inflate the tires, making them explode in rhythmic delight to set the base for your musical score. Some instruments are harder than others to get going.

If the boss walks through, shut down all the instruments as quickly as you can, otherwise, he'll kill all the fun (and you have to start the day over). Shut them down using their respective pictures at the bottom of the screen. It's a quick one click shut off. Getting them re-started is just as easy.

To unlock the instruments, you need to please your coworkers. It's not that hard, although the instruments where you pick the notes can be a little tricky. But, even though I have no ear for music, I was able to pass through fairly quickly. It only takes three working days to unlock all the instruments then you can make your music your way for as long as you like.

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Play Sound Factory at MTV. My thanks go to Jayisgames for finding this game.

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