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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump has you jumping out of a tree (you are the rodent) and bouncing off a conveniently located trampoline. Set your angle and velocity to land as close to the target as you can.

You get three jumps in each attempt to come in first place for that league. Fail to come in first and you end up repeating the jump. There are six leagues to beat before you become champion.

There are three other (computer) rodents jumping with you each time. And there's nothing more frustrating than landing on the target and being bumped off it by one of them.

The different surfaces (that you land on) react differently, necessitating a change in strategy with each league. For some, you might want to set your angle higher, and for others you'll want to skip along at a lower angle.

BTW, your points depend on two things. What your average distance from the target was on the successful try to move on and how many attempts you needed to beat each league.

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Play Rodent Tree Jump at bubblebox.

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